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CrowVision, an 11.6-inch touchscreen display, beckons electronic learners, professional developers, and tech enthusiasts alike with its compatibility across over a dozen SBCs. Native support for Windows, Android, MAC OS, and Chrome OS empowers users to seamlessly choose their preferred operating system. Don't miss out on this innovative display, launching on Crowd Supply at an unbeatable price of $99 with only THREE DAYS left. Back CrowVision now before time runs out!


CrowVIsion, Praised by Tech Enthusiasts

Elecrow's CrowVision has captured the admiration of tech enthusiasts and reviewers, earning acclaim for its versatility, compatibility, and top-notch quality. Let's delve into the insights shared by some of the notable tech reviewers.


John Bernard - Hackster

According to John Bernard from Hackster, CrowVision's design caters to makers and SBC enthusiasts, but its potential extends far beyond. He transforms it into a portable TV with an Amazon Firestick, leveraging the Samsung Dex application on Android phones to create a sort of computer. He highlights CrowVision's adaptability to diverse user needs.

"It's obvious this display was made for makers, so main use are the SBCs, but I would focus on the fact also other people can buy it considering works very well also with..."

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Rob Zwetsloot - The Magpi Magazine

Rob Zwetsloot, writing for The Magpi Magazine, appreciates CrowVision's departure from the norm of small touchscreen displays for Raspberry Pi. With the 11.6-inch size, CrowVision offers a larger display for Raspberry Pi projects, allowing for easy mounting and a hassle-free user experience.

“...Like this 11.6˝ CrowVision, which lets you easily mount a Raspberry Pi to the rear of the display and just plug it in...”

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Julian Perry - Gadgeteer

Julian Perry, from Gadgeteer, hails CrowVision as a lightweight portable monitor with a thin profile and a plugin OSD control board. CrowVision is an ideal choice for a variety of projects, from 3D printing control stations to home automation setups.

"It is thin and also has a plugin OSD control board. This monitor can be mounted in multiple ways depending on your needs."

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Pierre Lecourt - Minimachines

Pierre Lecourt, Minimachines' reviewer, acknowledges Elecrow's commitment to providing a genuinely compatible display for all types of projects. Whether you're building a 3D printing control station, an arcade cabinet, a home automation hub, or an additional screen for a classic workstation, the 11.6-inch CrowVision rises to the occasion.

“L’idée d’Elecrow est de fournir une solution véritablement compatible avec tout type de projet.”

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コダシマ タカヒデ(Rhododendron Kodama)

Kodama commends CrowVision's standout feature - the sliding column at the rear, enabling secure attachment of various SBCs. As it is compatible with a multitude of SBCs, CrowVision offers users the flexibility to connect their SBCs effortlessly.

“このスライドする固定コラムは SBC のリーダー Raspberry Pi シリーズをはじめとして、LattePanda、NVIDIA Jerson Nano、Beaglebone、Orange Pi、Banana Pi などなど、多くの SBC を固定することができます。”

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Julian Horsey - Geeky Gadgets

Julian Horsey, reporting for Geeky Gadgets, emphasizes CrowVision's ability to elevate the user experience by merging a compact form factor with high-quality display technology, and it opens up potential applications beyond common computing needs, but also specialized industrial fields and hobbyist projects.

“This 11.6″ touch screen display module, elevates user experience by merging a compact form factor with high-quality display technology and extensive compatibility.”

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In conclusion, the CrowVision IPS Touch Screen Monitor has gained widespread acclaim, making it a must-have for tech enthusiasts and makers alike. With just THREE DAYS left on Crowd Supply, seize the opportunity to back this revolutionary product and be a part of the display technology evolution. Back CrowVision now!