Best Raspberry Pi 4 Projects Guide

Raspberry Pi 4 has been launched for months, maybe you have had one, otherwise please check the latest Elecrow Raspberry Pi 4 Kit (P4 (4GB) included).

Since the Pi 4 has upgraded significantly in its speed, memory and data connection, now you can make more projects than before, with better performance. Elecrow selects a total projects out of the internet for you.

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For the Beginners:

  1. Build a New Computer
  2. Enhance Your Home Network
  3. Enjoy Pi-Based Gaming and Streaming
  4. Expand Your Smarthome

        Details please refer to reviewgeek


For the Advanced

  1. Real-Time Weather with Raspberry Pi 4

        Details please refer to


  1. Raspberry Pi 4 Robots: Powered-up automatons
  2. Wireless Bridge: Share some internet
  3. Machine Learning: 4GB of artificial intelligence
  4. Supercomputer Cluster: Parallel computing 

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