To enrich the cultural life of our company and improve the physical quality of staff, we are organized a gym activities. We will gather together to do radio gymnastic exercised whenever the music ring. The daily exercise time is arranged in the afternoon. “Sometimes the supervisors can share their thoughts particular with the staff.” the boss said. So our company will have a staff sharing communication which sharing the joke, life fun and story, etc before exercise in a limited time. At the same time, you can share your story with us, we are very pleased that. When I first taken part in it, I feel confused because I was unfamiliar with the movement of radio gymnastic exercised, at that time, I believe that most people have the same feelings as me. Gradually we learned how to accomplish these movements under the leadership of boss. The exercise can keep people in a young life way, at the same time the movement is meant what is a pursuing with no beginning or end. But oftentimes, we prefer to believe in ourselves that we will go farther and farther in the development road of EC with always keep a state of constant pursuit of progress. Elecrow on-line store, make your making easier.  4