Regular PCB boards produced by Elecrow are based on class 2 of IPC-600-H (Acceptability of PCB). Click here to check and download the industry standards IPC-600-H. Definition for Rush Service:
    • The timestamp on your order of the 12h rush service must be before 2PM Beijing Time to qualify. An order placed at 2PM and later will be considered to the next business day. Similarly, the 24h rush service will be put off the next business day when the order is placed at 6PM or later. The time used is the timestamp on your order, which will be showed once your order is placed. Besides, the 12h rush service is not included stencil and ENIG technology. But the ENIG is available in the 24h rush service.
    • All the rush orders will be delayed one day if this order should be shipping on Sunday. If the day is legal holiday, the order should be postponded to the holiday later. You can refer our website announcement to make a reasonable arrangement.
    • We have the following calculation standard of the rush fee, that is (N-1)* Unit express charge, which for the N Different Sub-PCBs(N>=2), for instance, the 24h rush fee is (3-1)*$25 for the 3 Different Sub-PCBs.
      • The cost of half-plated vias is $16 and the batch price requires a quotation.
      • You should panelize your different Sub-PCBs by yourselves if you need a panel when you purchase several pcb boards. We will regard the different Sub-PCBs as single milling for each by default if you put gerber data of different pcbs into the file uploaded.
      • Once the order is placed, the customer has no control to change the status of the order unless file upload error occurred. Our staff will contacting with you by the email on the first day after ordering when your gerber file had error, and what you need to do is confirm the wrong type and send updated files to us.
      • It’s better to use online gerber viewer to check the GERBER file before you upload the gerber file. you can search gerber viewer on google.
      • Besides, for the stencil, we skip through-hole component pads and all drills (holes) by default except the fiducial, so you need to leave a message to us if you need to make the holes of the GTP and GBP.
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