Crowbits is on Kickstarter Now

We’ve just launched our campaign our Crowbits on Kickstarter on 24th Feb! Please know more detail about Crowbits and support us on Kickstarter.


Crowbits is a line of programmable, snap-together electronic building blocks that combine easy magnetic connections with graphical programming software to implement functional and basic designs. Crowbits is a great tool both for developing a child’s creativity and for teaching STEM concepts. 


Crowbits are the perfect educational tool for all ages. We launch Hello Kit, Explorer Kit, Inventor Kit, Creator Kit, Master Kit. Start with no coding, move on to light coding, and then move on once again to fully coding. From newbies to experts, Crowbits are the premier way to learn programming and engineering.


We have a super early bird price (compared to the original price 40% off) on Kickstarter and it's limited 100pcs each set! Without further ado, I think you should go to the Kickstarter to pre-empt the discount!