Review: CrowPi2 Improvements

This article is excerpted from pimylifeup


Elecrow, the team behind the original CrowPi have launched their Kickstarter for their brand new device, the CrowPi2.


We reviewed the original CrowPi back in 2018 and considered it to be a well-built device that would be an excellent way for someone to get into STEM.

For those who do not know, CrowPi2 is a device that is aimed at helping people get into computing. The idea is to provide an all-in-one package where people can easily interact with a variety of sensors.

The CrowPi2 achieves this by providing a board where all you need to do is plug in your Raspberry Pi. You will instantly gain access to 22 different sensors and modules without needing to wire them individually.


CrowPi2 Improvements

The CrowPi2 looks to introduce a wide range of improvements to the originals design, fixing some of the issues we had with the original design.


Improved Design

One of the first and most apparent improvements that CrowPi2 introduces is its brand-new design.

The case is now sleek and looks a lot more like a traditional laptop device.

It appears that the Raspberry Pi now docks with the CrowPi hardware a lot cleaner than the original design. It now gets inserted underneath the case and is sealed away cleanly.

With the original design, the Raspberry Pi could sometimes be tricky to install thanks to the way the cabling was done.

From the photos of the new device, it appears that the new design will make the installation process much manageable.

The CrowPi2 also features a slot where you can now store a power bank from which you can power your Raspberry Pi.

While the CrowPi 2 sadly does not feature an in-built battery, this change is a nice compromise and will allow you to insert a battery that suits your needs.



Wireless Keyboard

The CrowPi2 now comes bundled with a wireless keyboard that features a touchpad. The addition of a keyboard allows the CrowPi2 to function as a genuinely independent laptop device, making it much more portable than the original.

This keyboard sits over the top of the sensors. It can easily be removed and re-inserted whenever you want to utilize the inbuilt modules and sensors.

The case features a little notch at the front to allow easy removal of the keyboard.

This is a significant improvement to the portability of the CrowPi. The original CrowPi required you to provide a keyboard and mouse of your own.