crowvision-touchscreen module for multiple SBCs

CrowVision - An 11.6-Inch Touch Screen Compatible with Various SBCs

CrowVision, an 11.6-inch touchscreen display, offers compatibility with over a dozen SBCs, making it perfect for electronic learners, professional developers, and tech enthusiasts. With native support for Windows, Android, MAC OS, and Chrome OS, it empowers users to choose their preferred operating system hassle-free. CrowVision is launching on Crowd Supply at just $99. Join us in celebrating this powerful product and be at the forefront of the tech revolution with CrowVision.


Why CrowVision Stands Out?

An Easy-to-assemble Display for Various SBCs and Operating Systems

Designed with rear-fixed slidable columns, CrowVision is compatible with over a dozen SBCs (single board computers) to offer you unrivaled flexibility. It is compatible with Raspberry Pi series, LattePanda, Beaglebone, Jetson Nano, and more, ensuring a smoother setup experience and empowering you to shape your digital experience.

crowvision is compatible with various SBCs

CrowVision embraces diversity when it comes to operating systems. With native support for Windows, Android, MAC OS, and Chrome OS, it opens up a world of possibilities. No matter which system you prefer or need to use, CrowVision guarantees a hassle-free experience and allows you to harness the power of your favorite operating system right at your fingertips.

 crowvision compatible with operating systems

CrowVisionYour Gateway to Infinite Possibilities

Be a Secondary Screen

Use CrowVision as a secondary screen for your computer, enhancing your productivity by extending your workspace. With its responsive touch interface and vibrant visuals, you can interact with your applications and multitask like never before.

Be an All-in-One Computer

With a 3D-printed shell and a Raspberry Pi, CrowVision can be transformed into an all-in-one computer. Experience the freedom of a compact and versatile computing solution, tailored to your specific needs. Whether you're building a media center, a gaming console, or a dedicated workstation, CrowVision adapts effortlessly to your vision, delivering an immersive computing experience.

 multiple usage of crowvision

Be the Central Control of Smart Home Devices, Medical Equipment, and Industrial Machinery

CrowVision's adaptability also extends to smart homes, medical facilities, and industrial settings. Connect it to your smart home devices and experience the convenience of a central control screen on your wall. Effortlessly manage and monitor your connected devices, simplifying your interaction with your smart home ecosystem.

In the medical and industrial industries, CrowVision serves as an intuitive control screen, enabling professionals to operate and monitor intricate systems easily and precisely. Its high-quality display and responsive touch interface simplify complex tasks, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

 crowvision used as smart home control

More Specifications

Color Depth: 16M

Display Type: IPS Panel

Screen Type: TFT-LCD

External power supply: 12V-2A

Digital input: Mini HDMI-compatible interface

Interface: 1xKeypad interface, 1x Power supply 5V output, 1x Mini HD interface, 1xTouch interface, 1x Speaker interface, 1x Headphone socket,1x Power supply 12V input

Active Area: 256.13*144mm(L*W*)

Dimension Size: 290.8*184.2mm(L*W)

Net weight: 588g

The CrowVision Package List

package list of crowvision

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If you're in search of a versatile display compatible with multiple SBCs or are passionate about electronic projects, including IoT endeavors, CrowVision is the display you can't afford to overlook. CrowVision unlocks limitless possibilities for your projects. Back us on Crowd Supply to become an early adopter of this revolutionary technology. Don't miss out on this chance to shape the future of your tech experience.