elecrow black friday extravaganza

Unlock Unprecedented Savings at Elecrow's Black Friday Extravaganza in 2023


Welcome to the most exhilarating time of the year – Black Friday! From November 17th to 27th, Elecrow is thrilled to kick off the shopping season with a dazzling array of deals and unbeatable discounts. Committed to the philosophy of Make Your Making Easier, Elecrow has meticulously curated a Black Friday event that unveils a treasure trove of top-notch products. From STEM educational kits to our best-selling displays, including Elecrow's latest arrivals, there's something for everyone. Join us in this Black Friday celebration, where exceptional savings meet exceptional products.


Everything We Know about Elecrow Black Friday Campaign

Get ready to embark on a shopping spree with our exclusive rules designed to make your experience even more rewarding:

① New registrants will receive 500 points (usable to offset $5).

② Save $15 on Orders Over $199 (excluding PCB and other services).

③ For sensors: buy one, get the second for only $5.

It's the perfect opportunity to maximize your savings and get more bang for your buck. Let’s explore some of our featured products and take advantage of these fantastic offers!


STEM Educational Kits: Up to 30% Off

CrowPi Series: Up to 15% Off

"Don't Buy a Raspberry Pi Until You've Seen The CrowPi All in One Kit." Wanna upgrade your STEM educational process? The series, comprising CrowPi, CrowPi 2, and CrowPi L, serves as a Raspberry Pi learning platform guiding you from coding novices to experts. Become a Raspberry Pi expert for only $176.8! crowpi series

Raspberry Pi Pico Advanced Kit: Up to 30% Off

Unleash your coding prowess with the Elecrow Raspberry Pi Pico Advanced Kit! Dive into the world of Raspberry Pi with 32 projects designed to enhance your programming skills. Now available for only $26.59.

elecrow raspberrypi pico kit

CrowBot: Deals Starting from $17.18!

Meet CrowBot BOLT, an open-source, smart programming car powered by an ESP32 chip. Bring CrowBot home to play light tracking, obstacle avoidance, and remote control with prices starting as low as $17.18.

crowbot smart robot car


Best Selling Monitors: Up to 20% Off!

Elecrow 5-Inch Capacitive Touch LCD Display: Deals Starting from $36.72

Looking for an amazing screen for your Raspberry Pi? Elecrow capacitive touch LCD displays are here to meet your needs! For just $36.72, experience the perfect fit and easy connectivity between the LCD display and your Raspberry Pi. Two versions are eagerly waiting for you!

Meteor Screen: Up to 20% Off!

Escape the ordinary with the Elecrow Meteor Screen! Elevate your viewing experience with captivating RGB water light design and immerse yourself in 19 dynamic lighting modes, each a vibrant symphony of colors. Tailor the brilliance to your preference for just $87.92.

CrowView: Up to 20% Off!

Wishing for a productivity boost? Meet CrowView – lightweight and ultra-thin to enhance work efficiency and quality. Handle your business affairs in half the time, now available for only $143.2.

elecrow displays

Elecrow ESP32 Display: Deals Starting from $13.93!

Explore the versatility of the ESP32 Display module suitable for applications like automotive HMI, medical equipment, industrial control, civil electronics, automation, GPS, new energy, and IoT devices. Materialize your ideas now, with deals starting from $13.93!

elecrow esp32 display promotion


Celebrating Thanksgiving

Before we conclude, let's take a moment to express our gratitude on Thanksgiving Day. We extend our heartfelt thanks to you, our valued customers, for being part of the Elecrow community and being part of the dynamic world of electronics. Happy Thanksgiving! And Happy Shopping!


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Do not hesitate to elevate your electronic experience at Elecrow's Black Friday Extravaganza.