Download the Raspberry Pi 5 3D Design STP file for free from Elecrow!

Download the Raspberry Pi 5 3D Design STP file for free from Elecrow!



The Raspberry Pi series has long been the SBC of choice for electronics hobbyists, programmers, and innovators because of its versatility and affordability. Released earlier this year, the Raspberry Pi 5 is the latest iteration in the series, featuring a faster quad-core processor, more RAM expanded connectivity and other upgrades.

With each new iteration, it pushes the boundaries of what is possible, and the Raspberry Pi 5 is undoubtedly the latest iteration of the Raspberry Pi family that maximizes SBC performance for maker projects.

 Raspberry Pi 5 is coming soon on Elecrow


Why did Elecrow render the Raspberry Pi 5 3D Design STP file?

There are still no official Raspberry Pi 5 3D design STP files available on the Raspberry Pi Foundation website for makers to customize or optimize their projects with Raspberry Pi 5. To solve this problem, Elecrow engineers have rendered the Raspberry Pi 5 3D design file based on the real Raspberry Pi 5 model.

This Raspberry Pi 5 3D design stp file rendered by our team allows makers, engineers, and designers to integrate the Raspberry Pi 5 into their own projects and creations with ease. It empowers you to fully integrate the Raspberry Pi 5 into your workflow. Whether designing an enclosure from scratch or modifying an existing prototype, having accurate 3D CAD data of the board streamlines the process tremendously.

 Raspberry Pi 5 3D Design



Feel Free to Download the Raspberry Pi 5 3D Design STP File here!

If you're a maker working on Raspberry Pi projects, you'll be excited to know that Elecrow is now offering the 3D design STP file for the new Raspberry Pi 5 for free.

Raspberry Pi 5 3D Design

The file is in industry-standard STP format, which can be opened and edited using all major 3D design software like Solidworks and more. Having accurate dimensional data and footprints of the Raspberry Pi 5 board unlocks all sorts of potential for integrating it into enclosure designs, mounting solutions, and beyond.

 Raspberry Pi 5 3D Design

You can download the Raspberry Pi 5 3D design files completely free from the Elecrow website. No registration or account is required. Simply visit the download page, agree to the terms, and you can have the STP file on your computer within seconds.


Click here to download the Raspberry Pi 5 3D design file!


Elecrow Provides Professional Services for You

By the way, as a proficient open-source hardware provider, Elecrow has years of experience in PCB assembly and prototyping, Elecrow can produce delicate 3D rendered source files that meet customers' requirements, We also cover professional services of CNC milling and molding services, which can promote a lot in turning your electronic project ideas into reality.

1. CNC Milling Services:  Elecrow is proud to offer professional CNC milling services, catering to the needs of makers and innovators worldwide. With a commitment to precision and quality, we are your trusted partner in transforming your designs into reality through cutting-edge CNC milling technology.


 CNC milling services

2. PCB Assembly & Prototyping Services: At Elecrow, we understand the importance of seamless integration and reliable performance in electronic projects. Our team of experienced engineers and technicians specializes in PCB assembly and PCB prototyping, Elecrow engineers are also very professional in using CAD software to do 3D structure rendering, ensuring that your designs are meticulously crafted and flawlessly executed.

PCB Assembly & Prototyping

3. Molding Services: Elecrow offers state-of-the-art molding equipment and techniques that allow us to work efficiently with a wide range of materials, including plastics, rubber, and various composites. From simple shapes to complex geometries, we have the capabilities to bring your designs to life. Our precision molding process ensures that your products are manufactured with consistent quality and structural integrity.


Elecrow Molding Services


Elecrow will develop more cool Crowpi products compatible with Raspberry Pi 5

Based on the Raspberry Pi 5 3D design file, Elecrow's R&D team is now focused on developing the powerful and multifunctional Crowpi product series and other electronic kits compatible with Raspberry Pi 5 to meet the needs of makers and electronic enthusiasts.

We plan to develop more custom add-on boards and modules that are fully compatible with the new single-board computer.

As a leading supplier of Raspberry Pi accessories, Elecrow understands the needs of the maker and developer community. With the exact dimensions and footprint of the Raspberry Pi 5 provided by the 3D design file, our engineers can quickly develop new Crowpi products that integrate perfectly, both physically and electronically.

Some potential new Crowpi products we may see based on the Raspberry Pi 5 3D design file include:


Enclosure Kits - Rugged enclosure designs, including brackets that allow the Raspberry Pi 5 to be securely mounted. These are available in a variety of styles and materials.

Expansion Boards - Add-on boards that provide more GPIO pins, interfaces like CAN bus, additional memory, or specialized sensors.

Camera Modules - High-resolution camera modules optimized to connect directly to Raspberry Pi 5 with no cables in the way.

Display Solutions - Touchscreen displays, monitor kits, and other integrated display options designed for a perfect physical fit.

Power Supplies - Small, board-mounted, or external switching power supplies that deliver clean, efficient power.



These types are perhaps just giving directions for the Elecrow team to develop products compatible with Raspberry Pi 5, the real to-be-launched products will be decided by what really comes out in the future.

Early access to the Raspberry Pi 5 3D design file allows Elecrow to begin product development well in advance of launch. This means that the Raspberry Pi 5 ecosystem will grow much faster, with fully compatible Crowpi products coming to market alongside or shortly after the release of the new board.


Final Words

Be sure to check out the Raspberry Pi 5 3D design STP file on Elecrow. Download them today and unlock a world of creative potential for your Raspberry Pi projects! Let me know if you have any other questions.

Also, as an experienced OSHW provider, Elecrow also provides selling access to Raspberry Pi 5 which will be coming soon in our store.

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