[IMPORTANT] Elecrow Delivery Suspending Notification

Due to the strike of Omicron COVID, Shenzhen government made a temporary lockdown policy from 14th to 20th, March to ensure the safety of citizens and control the spread of COVID. In accordance with these measures, Elecrow’s services have been affected as follows. Further updates will be posted here as we receive them.

Elecrow PCB

Our PCB Factory is not located in Shenzhen, PCB ordering and production will not be affected, but from 14th to 20th March until further notice, all shipments have been suspended Please get in touch via pcb@elecrow.com for assistance.

Elecrow PCB Assembly

All shipments, PCBA assembly production have been suspended from 14th to 20th March until further notice. Please get in touch via your project manager for assistance.

Elecrow Product

All shipments have been suspended from 14th to 20th March until further notice. Please contact with us in your order page if you need any assistance.


Elecrow is committed to providing high-quality technology products and services to its customers and we are doing everything in our power to continue providing these services in accordance with epidemic control measures. During this period, all our office staff will work at home, We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and we really appreciate your patience and understanding during these turbulent times.Once the lockdown is over,there will be many paid orders in our production list. If you have potential order with tight schedule, please contact our sales, we could make a production schedule in advance.


Stay Safe