Elecrow Partner Seller Program

Elecrow launches its Partner Seller Program - Anyone can profit from selling electronics projects on Elecrow



SHENZHEN, China /PRNewswire/ -- The OSHW one-stop solution maker service provider ELECROW, based in Shenzhen, China, has launched its special program to attract more tech sellers to join it - Partner Seller Program - an activity that enables anyone who has great ideas of electronics projects to produce their projects and sell their projects on Elecrow for profit. More than that, "Elecrow can be the reliable marketplace for people who have batch-finished electronics products but worry that there will be weak traffic performance and no great marketing channels for them to sell. " said Richard Li, the CEO of Elecrow.


Elecrow's Partner Seller Program is designed to meet the needs of tech enthusiasts who want to profit from their DIY electronics ideas. A Partner Seller can also enjoy Elecrow's special discounts on manufacturing orders. More than that, Elecrow offers warehousing services to save money and time cost for Partner Sellers who will not have to worry about handling stock issues. Loaded with an easy-to-use system, Elecrow helps Partner Sellers to process orders and payments with transparent stock and financial status. Partner Sellers can join the program with no platform or monthly fee by paying just 5% of total sales.


The Partner Sellers Program also includes global logistics services for Partner Sellers' orders, aiming to expand Partner Sellers' business scope to every corner of the world. Elecrow also provides one-to-one VIP professional support, assisting Partner Sellers in terms of product photography, and official promotions such as newsletters & product feature advertising.


Compared to the already online manufacturing service offered to makers, Elecrow has more thoughts on its futuristic landscape construction. With the idea of "Bring Your DIY Electronics Ideas To Life" and the mission of "Make Your making Easier", Elecrow welcomes tech people from all walks of life, whether they are students, individual electronics makers, DIY electronics hobbyists, hackers, tech geeks, business groups, startups, or even tech novices.


"The Seller Partner Program is just the beginning, Elecrow has other advanced programs in the pipeline these days. We will launch spring-season special promotion activity for mechanical keyboards in the services of PCB&PCBA manufacturing, 3D printing, and acrylic laser cutting. We are an open-source platform with professional support for makers. Manufacturing and production services are only part of the whole, Elecrow will be a great marketplace with expert services for makers to sell their DIY electronic products online. In addition, aiming to become a fully integrated multifunctional service platform, Elecrow not only provides services of PCB&PCBA manufacturing, 3D printing, acrylic laser cutting, component sourcing, and online selling but also includes open source sharing environment of Elecrow Forum and visual programming tools such as Letscode for makers. " Richard Li said.




Since 2014, Elecrow, an open-source hardware company headquartered in Shenzhen, China, has keenly persisted in the principle of "Make your making easier" with the purpose of "Bring your DIY Electronics Ideas To Life". Concentrating on providing the one-stop OEM/ODM solution for makers, Elecrow offers services including production, assembly, electronic component supply, and component sourcing and can be the crucial trading platform for makers to sell their products.