GrowCube: A Super Smart Watering Kit Will Be On Kickstarter

Since about ten years ago our founder has grown a lot of plants in the balcony and living room. He thinks these plants make his home look more like a home. Now Millennials and Gen Z also love caring for indoor plants, why do we have so damn many? I think that is the meaning of plants as sign of love and life.

While we'd all like plants to be with us forever, we have to admit that not all of us have green thumbs. Over the past decade, we have done a lot for our beloved plants.


The story of GrowCube

In 2013, our founder was worried that the plants would die due to lack of water, so he made a DIY application: Use Arduino to control the steering gear and water pump to achieve the purpose of controlling watering, and wrote down his own production process---that is, "Arduino Automatic Watering System for Plants Sprinkle" , then post it on instructable.

He was inspired by the unexpectedly enthusiastic response, which made him realize there are many people who love plants as much as he does.



As the number and variety of plants increase, we are thinking of a more friendly watering solution, watering multiple plants through a single node! It's incredible! The kit has received a lot of positive feedback since it was released on the website.



After listening to plant lovers' suggestions for this kit, we are committed to turning the kit above into an aesthetically formed product that lowers the barrier to plant care and revolutionizes the convenience of life!

GrowCube is the world's first smart watering product based on four independent soil moisture sensors and water outlets, combined with exclusive APP, aiming to provide professional and easy watering methods for friends who grow plants.

Most of the watering products on the market are based on manual or timed quantitative mode, but GrowCube has added a smart mode on this basis, which can simultaneously meet the refined watering needs of multiple pots of different plants. GrowCube knows exactly when your plants are thirsty, how much water they need to drink, and waters them.



Plants do not speak, but their silence is alive with change. Now we have a common goal is to grow plants well, grow more plants!

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