Bela is an open-source embedded platform for real-time, ultra-low-latency audio and sensor processing on the BeagleBone Black. The Bela boards are designed by the Augmented Instruments Laboratory and produced by Elecrow, which provides one-stop cost-effective turnkey solution of Custom PCB Service, including PCB Prototyping, Parts Sourcing, PCB Assembly, Laser Cutting, Custom Stencil, Testing and Packaging. Click here to know more about Elecrow PCB Service. The Bela team and Elecrow are very happy to be working together to make this product, following a successful Kickstarter campaign in April 2016. If you would like to know more about ordering Bela in the future, please join the mailing list at, contact us, or leave a comment. Bela Bela provides stereo audio, analogue and digital I/O in a single self-contained package and combines the processing power of the BeagleBone Black embedded computer with the timing precision and connectivity of a microcontroller. Besides, Bela features an on-board, browser-based IDE, making it easy to get up and running without requiring any additional software. The end result: digital instruments and interactive objects that are faster to develop and more responsive to use. Bela features Follows share helpful projects demos about Bela, after watching all videos I believe you will fancy Bela very much. Here to go. Liam, Astrid and Dan made Axis, a kinetic sculpture that uses Bela to control 20 stepper motors over I2C: Liam demonstrates Bela's IDE, with in-browser oscilloscope: Tank Wars, a game made with Bela and played on an oscilloscope: Robbie and Chris from the Augmented Instruments Lab turned poster tubes into light sabers using Bela and Pd, and explain how they did it: Do you like this product or have the mind to get one?  How do you like that if we Elecrow are likely to sell Bela? We will appreciate it very much if you leave your comments for us. Or gonna to know more about Bela? That's all right, let me share it for you cause it is really a worth-sharing  product. Welcome to click the following picture to know more.