In the last blog, we have introduced the features of the Crowbits, which is a set of color-coded and magnetic electronic modules that teaches students about programming, electronics, design thinking, and logics. Today, we are so happy to tell you a good news that Crowbits STEM Education Kits is coming soon.


Introducing Crowbits STEM Education Kits

Crowbits are designed for STEM education and it allows children to learn programming easily or teachers to bring the detailed lesson plans into their classroom and embed them in their learning system.

Due to the level of programming for children of all ages is different. We have designed a series of Crowbits kits according to users’ different needs, each kit depends on the users’ age, experience and interest. We hope kids of all ages can experience the joy of programming and give play to creativity.

Exhilaratingly, these well-designed Crowbits kit will be on kickstarter soon! Check out the introduction table below:

kit  Modules Ages Introduction
Hello kit 7  6-10  Aimed at young beginners, focusing on training kids' hands-on ability and aesthetic ability
Explorer Kit 13  6-10  Designed for electronic beginners, which will help them lay a solid foundation for programming for these sensors.
Inventor Kit 8  8-12  Designed for beginners of programming, which based on micro:bit. Comes with selfdeveloped programming software letscode for graphical programming, which exercises their logical thinking and problemsolving skills in the process of software and hardware interaction.
Creator Kit   Under development  8-12  The creator kit is based on the Arduino, it allows students to build hardware and programming interactive projects based on the PBL (project-based learning concept)
Master Kit 6  10+  The application kit includes a series of products that equipped with complete appearance and function, such as mobile phone, game console, scanning radar and etc. These integrated modules allow each kid to become an inventor while playing.


Each Crowbits Kit contains 5-12 interesting projects that combine with LEGO or carton pater to unlock your imagination. And they are provided with a quick start tutorial follow the principle of gradual improvement, including lessons, diagrams, modules introduction cards, basic circuit knowledge and sample codes. Also, we are continuously updating tutorials, course plans and etc. 


Get the first glimpse of our Crowbits Projects


Power on this project, then turn on the switch to make the chairplane fly.


Ski robot

Turn on the power supply and the switch, the skiing robot will start skiing.


Fork truck

Use the APP to control the fork truck to move goods



Use the A/B button on micro:bit to control the elevator go to certain floors.

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