KeyDuino - The quick & easy way to build NFC enabled things. The KeyDuino development board is Arduino compatible hardware and software.Since the KeyDuino is based on the Arduino Leonardo (ATMEGA32U4) anything that runs on an Arduino Leonardo will also run on a KeyDuino and this means whatever shield (with a few exceptions) work with an Arduino will also work with KeyDuino.

The main use of KeyDuino will be access control. Examples such as accessing your homes front door, your car door, your drawer are all easily realizable with the KeyDuino.

Simply put, the Keyduino makes it a reality to replace your keys with your smartphone, an NFC ring or any proximity card. But of course the KeyDuino is not limited to just access control and in fact it can do all sort of things! It is Crowfunding on Kickstarter now. May be you can help this product into reality.