Hello everyone, Thanks very much for supporting us all the time. In order to provide better service for you, we count the fabrication time for the PCBs in the last two month. Here we release the lead time of 2 layer PCBs and hope this can help you.

The following exploded pie graph is the fabrication time proportion for 2 layer prototyping PCB fabrication. The PCBs fabricated in rush mode are not included. 

There is 2% of the PCBs fabricated in 2 days lucky and most of the PCBs are fabricated within 3 to 5 days. The lead time for both 6 days and more than 6 days shares 5%. The reason for more than 6 days mainly due to the fabrication problem or gerber file problem.

The following two exploded pie graphs are the fabrication time proportion for 2 layer small batch of PCB fabrication.

For 50pcs or 100pcs 2 layer PCB fabrication, it is really lucky that 1% of the customers can get PCBs in 2 days. Most of the PCBs are fabricated within 3 to 6 days. 7% of the PCBs are fabricated in 7 days and 3% of PCBs would be fabricated more than 7days.

For 2 layer PCBs more than 100pcs, more than 65% of the PCBs are fabricated in 5 days. The fabricating time for the small batch of PCB fabrication is limited by the E-test time. The E-test time is closely related with the quantity of E-test point and PCB area.

The following PDF is useful information about order steps and PCB specification for your reference:

Here are some Q&A for PCB manufacturing. You can ask any question about PCB fabrication and then we will add some questions that asked mostly here:

The lead time for 4 layer PCB fabrication and the delivery time to many country will be released soon. Please keep tuned!