Makers! Let's create with music together!
In my impression, makers are great group full of creativity,thoughts and action. And I also believe that every maker has an exquisite heart, showing unique love for music. So many of them have combined creation with music to make projects. Have you ever tried some? Let's see. Homemade Electronic Drum kit with Arduino Mega2560 For this project you could save much money to get an electronic drum kit at home with an Arduino mega2560 or a crowduino mega2560, first you need to prepare for these materials like wood,usb cables, EVA rubber, sensors, resistors,screws and the like. Then you could set the drum pads and attach the head membrane to the pads. Cymbals are necessary to reduce the noise you hit. Besides, you also need to make Hi-hat panel and kick drum panel.After that you ought to connect circuits and finish the arduino codes. Music Playing Alarm Clock

In this project you could try to design a music player from  using various building blocks. To accomplish the work, you need to prepare USB capable microcontroller, LCD display,Storage,Sound output and IR receiver and remote control. This clock can not only show you time but also alarm you with music. Really helpful! For details please click the title to view carefully.

Make Music Controlled Christmas Lights Soon is the expecting Christmas Day, Would you like to make some awesome christmas projects for this unique day?  Come and follow me. First you can prepare materials and tools well like old speakers, solid state relay,excess power cord, soldering iron and christmas lights etc. Next, set up your speaker and connect it to the SSR. It will be okay when you attach the power cord. After adding outlet adaptor, this project is almost finished. Music LED Light Box It's a fascinating project to diy with led lights. Also you need prepare a box first and we need to have a frosted look on the box and need led's that are diffused. Next build the box up and it will work after you set the circuits up. When you put this light box in the night it looks attracting  and magically. More details please click the title. If you like these projects, you could have a try too. Music has the magic and I believe you will make your projects with music happily.