See ! Halloween in China and Elecrow
As we know, The Halloween Festival and The Christmas Day are of great significance in most western countries and surprisingly they also become more and more popular to most chinese people. Thus you can see unique and special chinese ways to spend these two festivals in China. First of all, the activity of pumpkin lanterns seems necessary. We like to make various grimaces of pumpkin lanterns and lighten them in the night which increase mysterious atmosphere and much fun. Certainly there are many people acting as ghosts and holding pumpkin lanterns to give away candies for children. holloween Secondly there will be some ghost houses for chinese people to visit for the adventure. ghost-houseghosts-house Thirdly pirate drifting is another featured activity for people to experience this festival. priate-drifting Fourthly there will also be demons and ghosts night wandering around some huge plazas to surprise people demons-and-ghosts-visiting Moreover you can even make up as awful ghosts and evils to scare others, which is really funny! ghost-makeupchengdu-china chinese-halloween makeup-evilsghost-party Elecrow's Halloween Project To welcome the Halloween Day, Elecrow also prepares fascinating project to set up kind of horrible atmosphere for this special day ahh. In details this project could realize the effect that when someone approachs the lamp and do some reading, the lamp will put off automatically for the body induction and then it will appear the image of ghosts and the sound of terrifying music. Elecrow's haunted room project, for details please click here.