Meta’s Plan: Unleashing a 3D Printed Robot powered by GPT-5 AI Brain

Meta’s Plan: Unleashing a 3D Printed Robot powered by GPT-5 AI Brain

GPT5 is going to disrupt the Industry

ChatGPT is evolving in a way that is inevitably disrupting the traditional tech industry, ChatGPT5 even gets put on the table just a while after the latest iteration of ChatGPT-4, developed by the OpenAI, which has recently rapidly gained popularity on the Internet, and evoke a lot of peripheral applications mushrooming.

The rapid growth of ChatGPT has also caught the attention of Internet giant Facebook (recently renamed Meta), which is trying to combine its futuristic 3D printing robot with GPT-5.


Meta equips its tested 3D printed robots with GPT5

On April 1, 2023, former Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg claimed to have 3D-printed a robot equipped with OpenAI's GPT-5 to sit on the board of directors and help make strategic decisions, with the goal of testing the relevance of this humanoid robot (of course, this could be an April Fool's joke, but the trend of combining artificial intelligence and robotics should be viewed dialectically). As one of the world's leading technology giants, Meta Group has been focusing on emerging technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and even additive manufacturing, and is gradually expanding into these markets. In fact, the American giant announced the acquisition of Luxexcel a few months ago. Luxexcel Meta is said to be the only company in the world that can 3D print specialty ophthalmic lenses, and to expand its business and make 3D printing accessible and usable to ophthalmic labs, Luxexcel Meta has developed a turnkey 3D printing solution for ophthalmic labs. 

Meta 3D print a robot with chatgpt5

This time, Meta has decided to combine all this expertise to advance a project that is ahead of its time. If the project proves successful and the robot improves Meta's financial performance, the team may seriously consider replacing certain positions with such a robot. This could lead to savings in hiring, training, and efficiency. Whether it's science fiction or reality, one thing is for sure: Mark Zuckerberg seems more determined than ever to combine new technology with management performance.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            


The controversial debate over advanced AI like GPT-5

Although this news may send shivers down many people's spines, we should still analyze this news objectively because, at least for now, it is safe to say that ChatGPT answers questions or is based on the questions asked. But as technology evolves, will there soon be robots with IQs higher than ours as humans? The debate has been heating up for years, especially around whether we will be replaced by machines at some point in the future. Meta Group, perhaps frustrated by negative financial results in recent years, is starting to move in this direction. By combining artificial intelligence - and the latest GPT-5 system - with additive manufacturing, it hopes to find a solution that can reduce some of the costs and solve the challenges quickly and efficiently. Despite a March 29 open letter from Elon Musk OpenAI co-founder and other tech moguls warning of the dangers of using chatbots having great capacities beyond ChatGPT-4, the company announced the development of a 3D printing robot equipped with the latest version of OpenAI artificial intelligence. Mike Catfish, Meta's director of technical operations, commented: "We believe the GPT-5 system can truly revolutionize the way we do business today, and despite the doubts expressed by some, we intend to continue development using OpenAI and believe our robot will be able to make a positive impact. "



How the Meta-Robot with GPT-5 is built

To build this robot, Meta chose 3D printing, a method that allows them to test multiple iterations at a low cost and, most importantly, to create a robot that is as customizable and realistic as possible. The robot's body was CNC machined, covered with a completely 3D printed shell, and reinforced with carbon fiber to make it as strong and light as possible. The shell was then painted white. Meta explained that they used an extrusion process, but did not specify which machine was used.




The GPT-5 robot might become part of the workforce

In just a few days, the team was able to test the first prototype and move the project forward quickly, says Susan Jester, Meta's hiring manager: "Integrating the robot into the company solves some of the challenges we face in hiring. The job market is getting tighter, and it's hard to find the right skills at the right time. But robots like this don't have that problem because we can program them for the job. They are already trained to work more efficiently. Imagine, among other things, that it is almost the equivalent of free labor!


The GPT-5 system will allow robots to analyze and control situations that are currently managed by Meta employees. Thus, the company claims that the machine could replace humans and accompany Mark Zuckerberg in managing the company in the more distant future.

It is difficult to know how this over-the-top robot will perform in the future, but it will have a 6-month test period after which its performance will be evaluated. There are already rumors that this robot could even become the CEO of Meta in the future.



Final Words

 "The Matrix"

The dark side of highly advanced artificial intelligence is beginning to emerge, modern people have already bombarded their computers with Blade Runner 2049 wallpapers, thrilling highly advanced AI movies like "M3gan" are surfacing in people's eyes, and more M3gan Metacritic reviews are being made, telling that the humanoid might be smarter to an extent beyond human control. It touches on the "Uncanny Valley" theory, like what ChatGPT-5 could possibly step on, whether ChatGPT-5 and robots beyond will perform apocalypse shows to disrupt the traditional workplace is still unclear, but now it's sending shivers down some people's spines. Movies like "Blade Runner 2049" and "The Matrix" depict a future where technology has become intertwined with our very existence, blurring the lines between man and machine.


Blade Runner 2049

While these movies may seem like far-fetched fantasies, they also serve as cautionary tales about the potential dangers of unchecked technological progress. As we continue to develop AI systems like ChatGPT-5, we must remain mindful of the risks and take steps to ensure that they are used responsibly.


M3GAN Artificial Intelligence Doll

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