One week ago, we upgraded the PCB service in the following aspects:

1.  Free charge for Hals Lead Free.

2.  No serial number on PCB any more. 
After one week’s strive, we upgraded the PCB panelize service as below:

3. Different PCB panelize is available for small batch of PCB service (over 50pcs).

The max of panelized sub-boards is 5 pcs, if the sub-boards panelized are not suited for V-cut or other panelize method, we will fabricate the sub-PCBs as single PCBs.


4. Same PCB panelize for small batch of PCB service (over 50pcs) is free now.

5. We can help panelize for adding V-groove to separate the PCB. For Same PCB Panelize.  

It is for same PCB panelize. Please select the right quantity of copies you need to panelize in the panel and leave a comment how many single PCB one panel. You will make the paymant of panelize fees when choose the right quantity of copies.

If the PCB order is small batch(over 50pcs), just leave a comment how many single PCB you needed. Then we will help panelize it and fabricate it as panel. The panelize fees is free.

Note that the final PCB panel must be less than the dimension you choosed.