1.    Water Proof Integrated Ultrasonic Ranging Module- JSN-SR04T

    There are many ultrasonic ranger module on the market, but sometimes, these kind of sensor needs to work in conditions more than the Lab. This water proof ultrasonic sensor meets this requirement. It has a good performance and almost the same usage of HC-SR04 module. Besides, some other versions such as the below one are also available, which would be more easy to install and helps on water proof.

2.    Case for Raspberry Pi B+


    The Plastic Case Raspberry Pi B+ is solid and protective for your Pi, while the Acrylic Enclosure Kit_A and Acrylic Enclosure Kit_B are more extendable, all the 40 pins and related terminals can be breakout, the M2.5 screws and cylinders are also special prepared for the Raspberry Pi B+. Besides, the DC fan and heat sink helps on the IC cooling, to ensure the Pi works more stable.

3.     Plastic Water Solenoid Valve

    This solenoid valve helps users control the flow of water. With 12V power, It would be a great addition for the projects such as robotic gardening. Normally, the valve is closed and the water is stopped, when 12VDC is applied to the two terminals, the valve opens and water can push through.  Notice that the liquid can only flow one direction.

     There are 2 kinds of this solenoid valve for your selection. The “Inlet Valve” has working pressure 0.02 Mpa – 0.8 Mpa, used for water influent, while the “Drainage Valve” 0-0.2 Mpa, used for drainage. It would be great& cheap solution for your water-related projects.

4.    NE555 Frequency Adjustable Pulse Generator Module

    The 555 timer IC is an integrated circuit that is popular used in a variety of timer, pulse generation, and oscillator applications. This NE555 frequency adjustable pulse generator Module utilizes the NE555 timer IC to generate pulses from about 4Hz to 1.3Khz, which can be used for experimental development, or driving a stepper motor, it would be also a good choice for users learning& experiencing the analog RC circuits.

    There are 4 jumpers and 2 variable resistors on the module, users can adjust the output wave with these components, to get their ideal wave easily.  

5.     Solid State Relay Module(SSR)

    Compares with the traditional mechanical relay, the Solid State Relay (SSR) has many advantages: it has a longer life, with a much higher turn on/off speed and no noise. Besides, it also has better resistance to vibration and mechanical shock, and better moisture proof performance.  This Solid State Relay Module is based on Omron G3MB, to control current upto 2A@240VAC, can be widely used in various areas such as computer peripheral interfaces, temperature/speed light adjustment, servo control, petrochemical, medical instrumentations, financial devices, coal, meters, traffic signals, etc.