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Gamechanger Alert: Why PhobGCC is the Choice for Competitive Melee Players


PhobGCC, a custom Gamecube controller motherboard, has gained popularity among Melee players for its advanced features. Players admire Phob controller for its digital snapback filtration, notch calibration, complete immunity to potentiometer degradation, etc. With the release of PhobGCC v2.0.5, this blog explores the open-source custom gamecube controller and its benefits.

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What is a Phob Gamecube Controller

Basically, the Phob controller caters primarily to competitive Smash players, being a high-performance, and long-lasting Gamecube controller customizer. It’s such an interesting experience to DIY your Phob controller using your favorite colors and color schemes. The colors of the Phob controller motherboard, the case, and the buttons are selected based on our preferences. Furthermore, the Phob controller is good at providing a better gaming experience as well. The notable benefits include:

No Potentiometer Oddity Degradation Effect (PODE)

As a custom gamecube controller motherboard designed for competitive Super Smash Bros. Melee, the PhobGCC provides Melee players with a controller that does not suffer from potentiometer oddity degradation effect (PODE) by using magnetic sensors to measure the stick positions.

PODE occurs because potentiometers have moving parts which come in contact with each other, causing wear due to friction. The PhobGCC negates PODE entirely by replacing the potentiometers with hall effect sensors. Hall effect sensors sense changes in magnetic field direction so the magnets don’t make physical contact with the sensor. All in all, the lack of contact is why they don’t wear out.

Customizable Stick Calibration

Customizable stick calibration allows users to tailor the sensitivity and response of the sticks to their preferences. PhobGCC processes the incoming X and Y signal separately, increasing the filtering variable both decreases snapback and makes the stick less responsive. Stick responsiveness is important to many of Melee’s mechanics. Dashbacks, For example, become easier to do as the stick gets less responsive. This personalization ensures a more precise and comfortable gaming or control experience.

The PhobGCC is configurable in many ways.

  • If you have a PhobGCC2 with PhobVision installed and a CRT available, it's highly recommended to calibrate and configure using PhobVision. PhobVision has menu options for all of these settings, and it walks you through the stick calibration process to minimize the chance of user error.
  • As PhobGCC can be customized as a GameCube controller for PC, You can also configure it for PC. The configuration has two phases, namely measurement and notch adjustment.

Phob Calibration Guide at Github

phob gcc

PhobGCC v2.0.5 Custom Gamecube Controller Motherboard

As a replacement motherboard for custom gamecube controllers, the PhobGCC reads stick position using magnets and Hall effect sensors instead of potentiometers that can wear out. It offers an advanced digital snapback filter which improves responsiveness in Melee. With the features of gate calibration, swappable buttons, and facilitated installation of discrete switches on the D-pad and face buttons, PhobGCC emerges as the best choice for Melee players.

phob controller


  • Hall effect sensor joystick - the utilization of contactless sensors, the custom gamecube controller is immune to drift development. It is fully calibratable, allowing the output to be adjusted to cater to the unique preferences of each player and character, including the ability to eliminate snapback and enhance pivot performance for a customized gaming experience
  • Phobvision- Built-In NTSC monochrome composite output for controller configuration, calibration, and debugging
  • Adjustable rumble strength
  • Tournament lockouts to prevent accidental taunt or start inputs
  • 7 trigger modes - allows the user to remove analog or digital shielding from a controller, have the analog shield activate at the digital press, and more
  • XY jump is remappable to Z, L, or R
  • Firmware upgradable for more features in the future
  • Extensive modification support


phob gcc specification

Special Gratitude

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to the PhobGCC Dev team for their invaluable contribution to this open-source project. Elecrow is thrilled and proud to collaborate with PhobGCC, and we are committed to delivering products of the highest quality. Together, we strive to uphold excellence and provide a seamless experience for our users.