Elecrow has provided PCB fabricate service for over one year, with our high quality service and supports of makers in the open hardware community, we have dealt more than 3 thousands PCB services and served more than 1,000 customers. Thanks for all your supports, to make us Elecrow go further and better.

With the growing quantity, Elecrow make best to further reduce the cost of making PCB. With the detailed management of the whole process, we provide you the special offer for the green PCB Now:

For the 10 pcs 5*10 Green PCB and 10*10 Green PCB, which need 23.9$ previously:

Service Cost
10pcs 5*10 Green PCB $12.9
10pcs 10*10 Green PCB $15.9.

And, to make more customers know and enjoy this special offer PCB, your sharing of this information on Facebook, Flickr, Pinterest or your own website and so on will have a chance to win $10 PCB coupons, One winner per day till 17.30 at next Wednesday (11/12/2013). After your sharing this to your friends, send the link to zeqing2012@elecrow.com. We will release the 5 winners on the next Thursday’s blog.