For the very question of “which microcontroller for your electronic fashion”, Elecrow’s answer is the Larduino_mini!


    Larduino Mini is a new Arduino mainboard compatible with original Arduino interfaces. Larduino Mini compatible to Arduino existing program, shield and IDE. So, you may ask what is the main advantage of “Larduino_mini” compared to other Arduino-compatible microcontrollers such as lilypad or Flora?

  • Breadboard board and electronic fashion compatible,  you can use the Larduino with breadboard, or install it anywhere such your clothes.
  • Maximum operating frequency up to 32Mhz, which is two times of the ordinary Arduino board. The internal 32MHz calibrated oscillator can be used achieve the seamless switching operating frequency(125Khz to 32Mhz) in your application.
  • Enhanced IO Dirve current capacity ! the max output current can be up to 63.1 mA, which is  about triple times of the Lilypad&Flora, . That is, the Larduino can drive much more LEDs , or buzzer&mini motor, without any driver!
  • Most important, the price of Larduino only $5.8, about 25% of that for flora or Lilypad!

Controller Board








    A $4.8 CH340 USB transformer can be used for the Larduino programming, it can be also used to program the Arduino board.

    With only about $10, you can start the electronic fashion, with Larduino  .