sharing bicycle on the street (ofo vs mobike)Sharing bicycle went viral in China’s top cities, like Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Guangzhou. The idea of sharing bicycle is really awesome. It can brings lot of convenience to the local resident and improve the traffic effectively. And at the same time, it encourage a healthier way of travel, instead of going out by car or by bus, you can exercise by riding the sharing bicycle. And the price of renting is very low, the expensive cost is 0.14$ per half hour.

The two biggest company of sharing bicycle is OfO and Mobike. Both of the bicycle are put into mass production to seize the market share. the factory of sharing bicycle mobike and ofo

The OfO is much simpler than Mobike in structure. I will introduce you the technology behind the Mobike bicycle. 1,The new Chainless Transmission Common chain drive bike is different from the use of the "bead gear - transmission rod" approach, although this led to more components, complex structure, high cost, but the biggest advantage is that, Durable for long! In the past, a chainless bicycle is generally biased and its meshing angle to the bevel gear of the center and rear axles is not 90 °, resulting in the bevel gear being nonstandard. The main body of the motorcycle is made up of the five-way part, the rear fork and the rear axle mounting part, and the integration is high. The integrated structure allows the bevel gears to intersect the bevel gears of the center and rear axles at 90 degrees, which achieves the standardization of the bevel gears and saves a series of costs in design, processing, assembly and maintenance.

Mobike Smart Lock

2, Smart Lock with QR Code and Bluetooth                                                                                         Smart lock is the core parts of the motorcycle, which includes the motor components, the tongue drive components, the latch, the spring connected to the latch, with the groove of the lock pin, connected to the lock pin Of the spring, etc..When the user sweeps the confirmation information, the intelligent lock motor component output shaft rotates, drives the latch driving member to remove the lock tongue from the retaining groove of the locking pin, the locking pin is displaced to the unlocked state under the action of the tension spring; When the locking pin is pulled in the locking direction, the groove will move to the position corresponding to the locking tongue, and the latch will enter the groove under the thrust of the spring to lock the locking pin and complete the locking.

3,  The anti-theft system of Real-time Positioning Mobike team know that security is the key to control the cost of operations, so the vehicle becomes not worthy of stealing into an important factor in the development. On the other hand, with the composite materials, engineering plastics and other manufacturing vehicles, making the bicycle in the raw material recycling market is not sold. On the other hand, the use of composite materials, engineering plastics and other manufacturing vehicles, If the lawless elements holding the death of the determination of forced to move how to do? which can collect vibration intensity information, when the violent damage caused by the vibration intensity exceeds the pre-set threshold, the vibration sensor will wake up the positioning module real-time acquisition of positioning information , While indicating the alarm module for alarm.

If you're willing to get hands on some of the Mobike technology, Simduino may help you. Elecrow SIMduino UNO+SIM808 GPRS/GSM Board has all the hardware function(GPRS/GSM, GPS) same as Mobike's.  You can also realize these function with Sim808 shield. Maybe You can add another Relay shield to control lock. Wish you good luck.

Here is a video  of how Mobike work.