Referring to Christmas 2016, elecrow sponsored Christmas PCB Contest on facebook group, and hundreds of our customers enjoyed our free prototyping for Christmas Theme PCB service.  And some of our customers approved to share their ideas and the gerber files as open source. I'm sure that you can find some inspiring ideas on these Christmas open source circuit designs. christmas-pcb-contest This year, we plan to do more to devote to these community to help our customers to realize more brilliant designs. Just as the title showed, we're going to encourage the electronic engineers to design unique business cards and badges with status symbols. Firstly, I would like to introduce you some wonderful projects. Let's begin with one NFC business card from our customer Lauri Jämsä, the founder of

PCB Business Card Display                                                                                                                          

Maker Fair PCB Badge Display

Defcon PCB Badge Display

So, get annoyed with the normal business cards and badges? It's time to design your unique ones. Elecrow will be your best partner to bring your incredible ideas into real life. We fabricate your circuit design related to business card, maker fair badges, defcon badges for free. And you need to  add little caption "Manufactured by elecrow" on the corner of the board and share your design as open source, that would be greatly appreciated. You will get 8pcs, and the extra boards will be the gifts for other customers who like it. We estimate to kick off this program at the beginning of February after we get back from the Chinese New Year vacation.

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