Unlock the Best Elecrow Arduino Kits for Your Electronic Projects

Unlock the Best Elecrow Arduino Kits for Your Electronic Projects



As an electronic DIY maker, having an efficient Arduino kit sometimes can highly improve your efficiency in building the projects you want, Elecrow, a STEAM education solution provider who has years of experience in developing STEAM educational products, can provide you with a lot of best efficient Arduino kit products to increase your working efficiency, let's explore more about these efficiency enhancing Arduino kits.


Elecrow all-in-one Arduino Kits for connectors

The Elecrow Arduino Kits for connectors is an all-in-one solution for Arduino enthusiasts and DIY enthusiasts. This comprehensive Arduino kit is a treasure trove of the most commonly-used Arduino connectors, featuring a collection of 24 essential connectors that will meet all your project needs.

Included in this Arduino kit are a variety of connectors, such as male/female headers, USB connectors, switches, DC jacks, SD/TF Card socket slots, and many more. Seamless integration is guaranteed with this carefully curated collection of connectors. Each connector has been selected for its compatibility with Arduino, ensuring reliable and secure connections. With this diverse range of connectors at your disposal, you'll have everything you need to design and create Arduino shields, controllers, and various other DIY projects.

No more wasting time searching for connectors one by one! The Elecrow Arduino kit for connectors provides you with a convenient and efficient solution, ensuring that you have all the necessary connectors right at your fingertips. It's the ultimate time-saver that allows you to dive straight into your projects without any delays or frustrations.

 Elecrow all-in-one Arduino Kits for connectors

The applications of the Arduino Connector Kit are virtually limitless. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced Arduino enthusiast, this Arduino kit offers endless possibilities for your creative endeavors. From building robots and home automation systems to crafting innovative electronic devices, the Arduino Connector Kit empowers you to turn your ideas into reality.



Elecrow Arduino Kit for Automatic Smart Plant Watering


The Elecrow Arduino Kit for Automatic Smart Plant Watering features an integrated Arduino Leonardo mainboard, including an RTC for precise timing watering and a 0.96-inch OLED display to show the time and soil moisture status, the Arduino kit is embedded with capacitive soil moisture sensors and a water switch. You can effortlessly use it to water up to 4 plants simultaneously using the included pump and water pipes.

 Elecrow Arduino Kit for Automatic Smart Plant Watering

The soil moisture sensors in this Arduino kit are made with corrosion-resistant materials, ensuring a long service life compared to traditional resistance moisture sensors. This Smart Watering Arduino Kit offers ease of use and unlimited options for creating your own smart plant monitoring systems.

Once the Arduino program is uploaded to the board and powered on, the 4 soil moisture sensors determine the plant's soil level. The board sends commands to the switch, opening the specific channel for the plant that requires watering. The pump is then activated to deliver the appropriate amount of water to the plant. After watering, the pump and switch are closed, and the board continues to monitor the plant's water needs.

Please note that this board is specifically designed for the smart watering system and cannot be used for other purposes. When uploading new code, it is recommended to power the board with a DC power source first.




- Easy connection of sensors and modules without messy jumpers or breadboards

- Arduino UNO integrated into the mainboard for easy programming

- Single 12V power supply to directly power the board

- 4 sensor interfaces, 1 water switch interface, and 1 motor or pump interface




- Box size: 25 x 19 x 5.7cm

- Length of water pipe: 5m

- Length of 4 Pin Crowtail cable: 1m


Package List:


- Crowtail-Smart Pump Shield v2.1 x 1

- Crowtail-Capacitive Moisture Sensor x 4

- 5m 4x6mm Water Pipe x 1

- DC 12V Adapter x 1

- DC 12V Four-Way Valve x 1

- Water Pump x 1

- 1m 4 Pin Crowtail Cable x 4

- Five-Way Pipe x 1

- USB Cable x 1



Elecrow Arduino Kits for starters

The Elecrow Arduino Kit for Starters is an ideal choice for those eager to learn more about Arduino. This comprehensive kit includes a display module, five types of sensors (vibration, touch, flame, DHT11 temperature and humidity, and soil moisture), a DC motor with male Dupont Wire and a fan blade, as well as a servo. With 24 teaching lessons and four project examples (color dimmer, traffic light, intelligent fire, and theremin), you'll have excellent technical support to guide you along the way. This Arduino kit designed for starters can help users unleash their imagination and create their own DIY projects. It's also suitable for school interest training courses, enabling more students to explore the world of Arduino.

 Elecrow Arduino Kits for starters



- Unleash your creativity and bring your ideas to life

- Enjoy the fun of hands-on projects with family and friends

- Easy-to-follow tutorials and online support for a smooth learning experience

- Includes 33 modules and sensors, accompanied by 24 Arduino lessons




- Weight: 395g

- Size: 20cm (L) x 14cm (W) x 4.5cm (H)


Package List:


See more info about the package list here.



Elecrow Deluxe V1.0 Arduino Kits for Crowtail


The Crowtail Deluxe V1.0 Arduino Kit is a remarkable offering consisting of 27 high-quality modules carefully curated to empower you to create an array of projects. With a collection of 24 versatile modules, this Arduino kit equips you with the tools needed to embark on exciting ventures. The package also includes 18 meticulously crafted lessons that guide you through utilizing these modules from constructing a vibration alarm to crafting an RTC clock and extracting data from various modules.

 Elecrow Deluxe V1.0 Arduino Kits for Crowtail

Highlighting the kit are two powerful modules: the A6 GPRS/GSM module and the Crowtail ESP8266 NodeMCU. The A6 GPRS/GSM module boasts a cost-effective yet efficient A6 GPRS/GSM chip renowned for its compact size, low power consumption, and wide temperature range. This module serves as an ideal solution for comprehensive GSM/GPRS text messaging, voice calls, and GPRS data transmission services in applications such as mobile devices, automotive systems, industry, personal tracking, power, and environmental monitoring, Internet of Things (IoT), wireless POS, and smart metering. Additionally, the Crowtail ESP8266 NodeMCU expands the capabilities of the kit by providing six Crowtail interfaces on the board, facilitating seamless integration with other Crowtail modules. It features a built-in USB-Serial chip for easy code uploading, auto-reset functionality for hassle-free operation, and a connector for 3.7V lithium polymer batteries with built-in charging, making it perfect for portable projects.

To make users easily learn how to master the Arduino kit, The Crowtail deluxe Arduino kit is accompanied by step-by-step instructions, example code, and images, enabling you to effortlessly assemble projects, combine modules, and program them effectively. 

This Arduino kit saves users from soldering, highly functional for Arduino enthusiasts eager to delve deeper into Arduino programming. Compared to the Crowtail Starter Kit and Crowtail Advanced Kit, the Crowtail Deluxe Kit offers significant improvements and promises to enrich your knowledge of Arduino upon completion.




- Case Size (Length x Width x Height): 232mm x 162mm x 60mm

- Weight: 510g



Lessons included in the kit:


- Lesson 1: LED Control

- Lesson 2: Hall Effect Switch

- Lesson 3: PWM Control LED

- Lesson 4: Colorful RGB LED

- Lesson 5: Vibration Alarm

- Lesson 6: Electric Watch

- Lesson 7: Temperature Display System

- Lesson 8: Ultrasonic Ranging

- Lesson 9: Motor Control

- Lesson 10: Servo Control

- Lesson 11: Mini Fan

- Lesson 12: IR Control

- Lesson 13: IIC EEPROM

- Lesson 14: 3-Axis Digital Accelerometer

- Lesson 15: 3-Axis Digital Gyro

- Lesson 16: 3-Axis Digital Compass

- Lesson 17: Sending Data to Your Phone

- Lesson 18: ESP8266 Web Server



Learn more info about the Deluxe Arduino KIT Package List here.



Final Words

We hope you enjoy this article introducing you to those effective Arduino kits to fulfill your STEAM project ideas. Having been a steam education solution provider for years, Elecrow is so glad to provide you with the best prices for the back-to-school season, check to see if those special price products cover the one you want. If you are a maker wanting to mass produce your ideas into real projects,  Elecrow even start a partner seller program for makers to bring their creative ideas to life, join our partner seller program to mass produce your ideas into solid projects and earn your profits here!