Crowbits-G1/4" Water Flow Sensor

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Water flow sensor consists of magnetic core, rotating impeller, external casing and sensor and a hall-effect sensor. When water flows through the rotor, rotor rolls, it activates the magnetic core to trigger switch action speed changes with different rate of flow.

What is the Crowbits-G1/4" Water Flow Sensor?

The Crowbits-G1/4" Water Flow Sensor can detect the flow rate of water.



How does it work?

The water flow sensor consists of a plastic valve body, a water rotor, and a Hall effect sensor. When water flows through the rotor, the rotor rolls. Its speed changes with changes in flow. Hall effect sensor outputs a corresponding pulse signal.



How to use it?

It can be connected to different Crowbits main control modules, burning the relevant code to detect water flow velocity.



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