Crowbits-LED Matrix

Crowbits-LED Matrix

Crowbits-HTU21D Humiture Sensor

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 What is the Crowbits-HTU21D Humiture Sensor?

Crowbits-HTU21D Humiture Sensor can detect temperature and humidity.



How does it work?

Crowbits-HTU21D Humiture Sensor, which is a low-cost, highly accurate, digital humidity and temperature sensor. The sensor outputs the calibrated digital signal in standard I2C format. HTU21D series module designed for low-power/small-volume application design, with good quality, fast response speed, anti-interference ability, cost-effective advantages, low power consumption. It’s ideal for environmental sensing and data logging and perfect for weather stations or humidor control systems.



How to use it?

Obtain the corresponding temperature and humidity through the burning code



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