Crowtail- I2C LCD

Crowtail- I2C LCD

Crowtail- LED Bar 2.0

Crowtail- LED Bar 2.0

Crowtail- 4-Digit Display

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Usually 4 digit display module is a 12 pin module. But in our Crowtail gadget, we utilize a TM1650 to scale down the controlling pins into 2 Crowtail pins. It only takes 2 digital pins of Arduino or Crowduino to control the content, even the luminance of this display. For projects that require of alpha-numeric display, this can be a nice choice.


  • Compatible with Crowtail interface
  • 4 digit red alpha-numeric display
  • 8 adjustable luminance levels
  • Dimensions(mm):40.0(L)x20.0(W)x12.8(H)

Application Ideas

  • Time display
  • Stopwatch
  • Sensors' input display

Package list

  • Crowtail- 4-Digit Display x 1

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