mirco:bit GPIO Board

BBC micro:bit GPIO T-shape breakout broad micro:bit GPIO extension shield

Four Channel Relay for Micro: bit

Four Channel Relay for Micro: bit

Crowtail-Base Shield for Microbit-V2.2/V1.2

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【Basic shield for micro:bit】Specially designed for BBC micro:bit and perfectly compatible with micro:bit boards.

【Abundant Interfaces】Integrated 6 Crowtail connectors and 2 Crowtail UART/IIC connectors on board.


The BBC Micro: bit is a pocket-sized computer that can easily realize your creativity without much electrical and coding knowledge. There are numerous possibilities of creation you can dig out by micro:bit, from robots to musical instruments.

In order to create more interesting something, we design the Crowtail-base shield for Micro: bit. This shield integrated 6 crowtail connectors and 2 crowtail UART/IIC connectors on board. So you can use plenty of Crowtail sensors. All of that you need to know about Crowtail, there is no need for any soldering or jump wire.



  • 8 Crowtail ports to cover different interfaces.

  • Level conversion drive.

  • Crowtail interface: IIC/UART/GPIO

  • Dimension(mm):82(L)x66(W)x13(H)


Package list

  • Crowtail-base shield for Micro: bit x 1


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