Crowtail- I2C Color Sensor

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The Crowtail- IIC Color Sensor is based on the color sensor TCS34725FN with digital output I2C. The circuit's layout is based on the 3x4 array of filtered photodiodes and 16-bits analog-to-digital converters, you can gain the color chromaticity of ambient light or the color of objects. Of the 16 photodiodes, 4 have red filters, 4 have green filters, 4 have blue filters and 4 have no filter(clear).


  • Supply Voltage: 3.3/5V
  • 16-Bit digital output with I 2C at 400 kHz
  • SYNC Input Synchronizes Integration Cycle to Modulated Light Sources
  • Programmable interrupt function with User-Defined Upper and lower threshold settings
  • Dimensions(mm):20.0(L)x20.0(W)x13.6(H)

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  • Crowtail-I2C color sensor x 1

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