Crowtail- Electromagnet 2.0

Crowtail- Electromagnet 2.0

Crowtail- MP3 Player 2.0

Crowtail- MP3 Player 2.0

Crowtail- I2C Motor Driver 2.0

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This Crowtail- I2C motor driver included two DRV8830, The DRV8830 provides an integrated motor driver solution for battery-powered toys, printers, and other low-voltage or battery-powered motion control applications. The module has two H-bridge drivers, and can drive two DC motors or two winding of stepper motors, as well as other loads like solenoids.It requires an onboard 5V voltage regulator which can power the I2C bus. All driver lines are diode protected from back EMF.It features two LEDs for fault indicator and four LEDs to indicate which direction each motor is running. CROWTAIL system plug and I2C interface enables you to daisy-chain the driver with many other devices.


  • Crowtail interface

  • Without external power supply

  • Two leds for fault indicator

  • Default maximum drive current 200 mA

  • Crowtail compatible

  • Motor's speed and direction can control

  • Easy to use

  • Number of channels: 2

  • I2C interface

  • Dimensions(mm):50.0(L)x35.1(W)x11.8(H)


Package list

  • Crowtail- I2C Motor Driver x1

  • Crowtail cable x 1

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