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Crowtail- Meeo IOT Kit

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The IOT kit will supply you with Crowtail modules, which include ESP8266 NodeMCU, OLED, RGB LED, Moisture sensor, Temperature & Humidity sensor, Flame sensor, Buzzer, and Relay. This kit comes from our Philippine customer, who has a platform of Internet of Things with Meeo. This kit doesn’t require any soldering and is recommended to anyone with a drive to learn the Internet of Things through Arduino, everything is plug and play!


  • MQTT, Immerse yourself with the Internet of Things through MQTT, an easy-to-use protocol for your connected devices.
  • Love for Open Source, Meeo comes with an open-source library for off-the-shelf open hardware DIY boards such as ESP8266, NodeMCU, and more!
  • Simplified Dashboard, Visualize your data on your dashboard through a set of simple widgets in real time!


  • Get the Arduino IDE from the Arduino website.
  • Install the necessary drivers for your Crowtail ESP8266 board. Get it here.
  • Setup your Arduino IDE to support ESP8266-based Arduino boards. To do this, open the Arduino Preferences window.
  • On Mac, make sure that the Arduino IDE is active and then click Arduino->Preferences….
  • On Windows, click File->Preferences
  • On the Preferences Window, put the program into Additional Board Manager URLs filed.
  • Open the Boards Manager by navigating to Tools-> Board-> Boards Manager. On the Boards Manager, search for esp8266. The result should return esp8266 by ESP8266 Community. Press the install button to install the necessary board configurations for the ESP8266-based Arduino boards.
  • Install the amazing Arduino PubSubClient by Nick OLeary. Just go to Sketch -> Include Library -> Manage Libraries… and look for PubSubClient.
  • Then finally, install the Meeo Arduino Library. Just go to Sketch -> Include Library -> Manage Libraries… and look for Meeo.
  • That’s it! Under File > Examples > Meeo > MeeoCrowtailBasic, you can play around with the project codes that you can do with your kit.
  • To know more about Meeo, you can check our introduction here. All other articles can be found on the Medium page .

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