Crowtail- Smart Pump Shield v2.1

Crowtail- Smart Pump Shield v2.1

DC 12V Four-Way Valve for Smart Plant Watering Kit 2.1

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This is a DC12V independent control four-way solenoid valve, which has an inlet and four air outlets, you can individually control the outlet of each outlet, so the outlet can be used alone can also be used with four. It will give your project a great convenience. Outlet and inlet diameter are 8mm. The length of the solenoid valve is about 80mm, height about 48mm, can be used in many DIY projects which can save a lot of space. Solenoid valve on both sides of a fixed hole to facilitate fixed. Each outlet has a separate wire to control. It depends on you about how to use it.


  • This valve has one air inlet port and four air outlet port
  • Four air outlets can be controlled independently of each
  • the air inlet port and outlet port diameter is 8mm
  • Each valve has a separate control line


  • Working Voltage: DC 12V
  • Working Current:0.2A
  • Rated voltage: DC 6.0V DC 12.0V
  • Rated current: <280mA <160mA
  • Pressure range: 0-450mmhg
  • Fluid: Water/Air
  • Power: <3w
  • Operating temperature range: 0℃ ~55℃
  • Service life: In a 500CC container, inflating for 10 seconds and exhausting for 5 seconds is a loop test for more than 50,000 times

Package list

  • DC12V Four-Way Valve Independent Control Solenoid Valve x1
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