Elecrow Partner Seller Policy

Elecrow aims to create a transparent and user-friendly marketplace for Partner Sellers, all our policies are clearly listed below. Please note that these terms and conditions are subject to change at any time and any changes affecting these policies will be announced before the change.
If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Overall policy

  • We are here to do the right thing. If you're not happy, please let us know so we can help.
  • This is an open marketplace - anyone can join.
  • It is free to join.
  • Elecrow does not own any of the images, data, or information listed by a user.
  • Any information listed on the site may be used by Elecrow to drive traffic to Elecrow. You've done some great stuff, we just want to show it off!
  • Elecrow cannot guarantee the products listed.
  • Elecrow reserves the right to remove any inappropriate content from the forums.


  • Production discounts for partner sellers: 
    Partner Sellers can enjoy the special offer of the normal cost of manufacturing their products.
  • About Production Cost
    Elecrow provides professional production and quotation services, with transparent real-time quotation system and one-to-one pcba salesman to solve any problems partner sellers may encounter in their product manufacturing in a timely manner.
  • About Elecrow Quality Control 
    Elecrow has been manufacturing PCBAs since 2014, with a consistent commitment to high quality, low volume production, Elecrow ensures that products manufactured on the Elecrow side exactly match the requirements of the customer's BOM, and Elecrow uses 100% raw materials without any counterfeit ingredients. All products manufactured for Elecrow's partner sellers are subjected to 100% functional testing (partner sellers should provide Elecrow with a test plan) and all tested products are stored in our warehouse. ELecrow's production complies with ISO 9001:2015 standard production system certification and IPC-A-610F Class 2 quality standard.
  • About Elecrow Packaging:
    Elecrow supports standard antistatic bag packaging, Elecrow also provides customisation, customers can provide  external packaging drawings they want and resort to Elecrow for packaging production as well.
  • How Elecrow charges you:
    There is no monthly fee for sellers.
    There is no fee for listing products.
    For each sale, 5% is deducted from the payout as Elecrow's fee.
  • How Elecrow pays you: 
    Elecrow delivers monthly disbursement to partner sellers, the payable amount will be transferred to the sellers' store credit within the first 3 working days of each month, and sellers can withdraw the balance anytime they want. Partner sellers who have special settlement requests can contact us for manual settlement.
  • Logistics & Warehousing Policy:
    Elecrow handles warehousing and logistics, defective and lost items for partner sellers.
  • About Refunds:
    Elecrow is responsible for providing refunds and related services for defective products caused by manufacturing problems.
  • Dropshipping
    Elecrow provides advanced and professional international logistics services for business customers, can help you expand your business to any corner of the world, and deliver your product faster and at a lower cost to the end customer at your request.
  • Intelligent warehousing
    No warehousing costs, Elecrow's dynamic & real-time inventory minimizes your inventory risks and helps you develop a global market without further worries.
  • No worries about the security of your production files
    Elecrow will never divulge any part of its partners' project designs and files, keeping them highly confidential. Elecrow is a company that pays great attention to the security of information, and all the production files of its partners are kept confidential.
  • No worries about excessive production and sales overruns
    No excess quantities of products will be produced and placed on the shelf without the consent of the seller partner.
  • About order processing
    Elecrow's responsibilities: Elecrow responds promptly to buyers and tracks issues raised by product buyers on time.
    No extra time cost for sellers to deal with buyer payments and order deliveries, Elecrow does it all.
    For Product Issues: For Order and Shipping Issues: The buyers will encounter some order or shipping issues during the whole ordering process, to ensure them a better after-sales service, the Elecrow CS team will provide them professional help and solutions for that.
  • About product promotion
    Elecrow's commitments: Elecrow regularly promotes and markets products for partner dealers.
  • Transparent backstage system
    Elecrow provides sellers with clear lists of product stock, orders & financial status, all of which are transparent.

Partner sellers

  • About your final profit:
    Elecrow only takes 5% of your total sales amount, which means you get 95% of the total revenue on Elecrow, however Elecrow is not responsible for the transfer fee deducted by Paypal or your bank account when you withdraw your cash from Elecrow's store credit to your Paypal or bank account.
  • When you will get paid: 
    New sellers will have their payouts available as soon as their first order is completed (i.e. the point at which Elecrow has shipped the order to the buyer).  If you have a special request, such as wanting to be paid manually, please contact our CS team for assistance.
  • No worry about your profit risks:
  • Guaranteed profit security:
    Elecrow handles the entire buyer payment process for you, ensuring that you have no risk to your sales and profits.
  • About your order & financial status information
    Elecrow provides sellers with clear product stock, order & finance status lists. 
  • About Product Design
    Seller responsibilities: Design your own project and pay for your product manufacturing.
    No worries about the security of your production files.
    No pirated, counterfeit or IPR infringing products are allowed on Elecrow's shelves.
  • About product description & pricing
    Write the product description and set the appropriate price for your products.
    You can set your product price within a reasonable range based on production cost and market situation conditions, a reasonable price can increase sales, and it's highly recommended not to set your price with a really high-profit margin which may cause poor sales performance. 
  • About order processing
    Partner Sellers Responsibilities: Provide technical support and assistance to your product buyers.
    The buyers will face some problems after receiving the products, to ensure them a better after-sales service, the sellers, also as our co-designers, should answer the technical questions posted by the buyers in the forum.
  • About Refunds:
    Partner sellers are responsible for providing refunds and related services for defective and unusable products caused by product design issues.
  • About product advertising
    Partner Sellers obligations:  Support Elecrow in advertising & marketing their own products. 
  • How to become a Partner Seller:
    Sellers only need to provide their project designs to Elecrow and have them produced on our platform, the detailed steps are as follows:
    Sellers provide the production files——Elecrow produces them ——Store on Elecrow——Sell on Elecrow —— Fulfilled by Elecrow ——Payment successful ——Elecrow calculates the total fee ——Payout delivered to the sellers
  • About Product ownership:
    You own the products you've listed and as soon as one of your products is purchased, Elecrow will ship the product on time.
  • About Product description:
    Listed products must be accompanied by detailed photographs of their physical parameters and thorough, accurate product descriptions.


Shipping Policy
More about the shipping policy here: https://www.elecrow.com/shippinginfo


Refund and Return Policy
See shipping&returns policy here: https://www.elecrow.com/shippinginfo