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PQduino Board. The arduino based Powermeter

PQduino, the safest home Powermeter for Arduino. Add AC power monitoring to your Arduino projects in the safest way ever.

Monitoring your home power consumption is a desirable ability of many Arduino enthusiast, but it is also a dangerous adventure, dangerous before PQduino. PQ stands for Power Quality and PQ also stands for P (active power) & Q (reactive power). PQduino allows you to monitoring power consumption and main electrical parameters in safest way because there is not an electrical connection between PQduino and your Arduino board.

The connection is made by Bluetooth or WiFi, after all, most of best insulators is the air. Don’t worry about damage your Arduino board or your laptop while you are trying to monitor your home electrical parameters.

PQduino sends all communication by air in a simple, editable and transparent way in order you can use it and process it in the way you want, PQduino have as default these options:

  • Built-in web server with monitoring, setup and OTA firmware update pages.
  • In the first time connection PQduino creates an Access Point so you can set your own wifi network credentials for local access in Station mode.
  • Connection to Firebase real-time database with timestamp, so you can get the measuring everywhere you are, real time and historic.
  • See more information and some tutorials in YouTube channel:

PQduino is a single-phase electrical analyzer based on ADE7753 chip and ESP8266, compatible with 50Hz or 60Hz system, with capacity to measure from 85 Vca to 250 Vca voltage input and up to 10A by default, and possibility for using a CT with 5A secondary in order to be able to measure power in large electrical systems (see our sample applications). PQduino can monitor by default:

  • Voltage (True RMS).
  • Current (True RMS).
  • Active power in Watts.
  • Reactive power in vars.
  • Apparent power in VA.
  • Frequency.
  • Ambient Temperature.
  • Total Harmonic Distortion in voltage (THD V).
  • Total Harmonic Distortion in current (THD I).
  • Main harmonic spectrum (3° to 13° order) in voltage.
  • Main harmonic spectrum (3° to 13° order) in current.
  • Active energy accumulation.
  • Voltage waveform.
  • Current waveform.
  • Phasor representation.
  • Power triangle representation.

Three-phase systems are possible to monitor by using three PQduinos and integrating all single-phase data in just one central Arduino board.

PQduino is also standalone monitoring system, it haves a web server that shows parameters in a beautiful way, even the waveform and harmonic spectrum for voltage and current.

PQduino Webserver interface

PQduino incorporates OTA programing, so you don´t have to disconnect it from AC system if you want to upgrade the code.

All the code is open source, Arduino based, so you are free to play and adjust it exactly how you need.

PQduino does not need any more to operates, it already haves current and voltage sensors for direct power measuring, even PQduino haves its own power source.

Make your Arduino projects compatible with AC power systems metering and take your creations to another level.

Stop making IoT projects only with temperature and humidity data:

PQduino born to measure home electric power parameters so You could use this data in Arduino projects. Other power meters are available but a professional meter is so expensive and DIY meters are insufficient cause they only measure voltage, current and active power. If you wanted all, to measure voltage, current, active and reactive power, power factor, even waveform and harmonic distortion PQduino is the solution. Other important aspect for PQduino was designed is the security, You don’t want to burn your laptop or any beautiful Arduino board while trying to get the measurement. PQduino comes from that idea.

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PQduino, the safest home Powermeter for Arduino. Add AC power monitoring to your Arduino projects in the safest way ever.
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