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Raspberry Pi Pico RP2040 Microcontroller Board

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The Raspberry Pi Pico is a flexible and cost-efficient development platform that has been fully designed in-house at Raspberry Pi, based on the Official RP2040 chip.

For software development, either Raspberry Pi's C/C++ SDK, or the MicroPython is available. There're also complete development resources and tutorials to help you get started easily, and integrate it into end products quickly.

The Raspberry Pi Pico is a microcontroller with an RP2040 chip featuring 2 x ARM Cortex-M0+ cores clocked at 133MHz; 256KB RAM; 2 MB of onboard Flash, 30 GPIO pins; and a range of interfacing options. It is a single-sided PCB measuring just 21mm x 51.3mm with a micro-USB port and 40 main user pins with through-hole pins to allow for surface mounting.


  • Compact and Easy-to-mount

  • USB Micro for Power and Data

  • Large RAM and Flash Size

  • Programmable in MicroPython, C, and C++

  • Flexible Power Input


Specification of the Raspberry Pi Pico:

  • RP2040 microcontroller with 2MB Flash memory that can be (re)programmed via USB or via the Serial Wire Debug (SWD) port

  • Micro-USB B port for power and data

  • 40 pin 21×51 ‘DIP’ style 1mm thick PCB with 0.1″ through-hole pins also with edge castellations

    ◦ Exposes 26 multi-function 3.3V General Purpose I/O (GPIO)

    ◦ 23 GPIO are digital-only and 3 are ADC capable

    ◦ Can be surface mounted as a module

  • 3-pin ARM Serial Wire Debug (SWD) port

  • Uses an on-board buck-boost SMPS – allows for flexible options for powering the unit from micro-USB, external supplies or batteries


Specification of the RP2040 microcontroller:

  • Dual-core cortex M0+ at up to 133MHz with an on-chip PLL allowing variable core frequency 

  • 264K multi-bank high-performance SRAM 

  • External Quad-SPI Flash with eXecute In Place (XIP)

  • High performance full-crosspoint bus architecture

  • On-board USB1.1 (device or host)

  • 30 multi-function General Purpose IO (4 can be used for ADC)

    ◦ 1.8-3.3V IO Voltage (NOTE Pico IO voltage is fixed at 3.3V)

  • 12-bit 500ksps Analogue to Digital Converter (ADC)

  • Various digital peripherals

    ◦ 2x UART, 2x I2C, 2x SPI, up to 16 PWM channels

    ◦ 1x Timer with 4 alarms, 1x Real Time Counter 

  • Dual Programmable IO (PIO) peripherals

    ◦ Flexible, user-programmable high-speed IO

  • ◦ Can emulate interfaces such as SD Card and VGA

Note: The majority of the RP2040 microcontroller pins are brought to the user IO pins on the left and right edge of the board. Four RP2040 IO are used for internal functions – driving an LED, on-board Switched Mode Power Supply (SMPS) power control and sensing the system voltages.


Package list

  • 1 x Raspberry Pi Pico

  • Or 23-pin headers


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