Micro: bit Silicone Protective Case

Micro: bit Silicone Protective Case

Transparent Acrylic Case for Micro: bit V2

Transparent Acrylic Case for Micro: bit V2

Silicone Protective Case for Micro: bit V2/V1.5

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Why not protect your Micro: bit development board with these adorable silicone cases? Now we have the cute silicone case that can protect your Micro: bit from external wear. It also can prevent your board from wires that might short it out while still allows full access to the board. It is easy to use, just slide your boards into the case and it envelops and protects the entire electronic components. Sliding in the white terminals protector to prevent the terminals from shorting.

The case has slots to access the USB port, buttons and JST connectors. It’s especially designed to allow the on-board LED matrix to be viewed when lighted up. It’s aimed to create a more interesting programming environment for children, getting rid of the past boring programming life.


Compatible with micro: bit V2/V1.5

Four colors to choose




Compatible with Micro: bit V2/V1.5

Cute and unique appearance make your Micro: bit looks more lovely.

Easy to use, it accesses to all ports mounted in 30 seconds.

The material is environment and safe, it has smooth skin texture, scratch-resistance and full protect.

Perfectly design, it’s full access to the bottom pins, A B buttons, USB ports and any other connectors.




Color: orange, yellow, blue, green

Size: 56.5 x 37mm

Thickness: 12mm

Material: silicone


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Micro: bit Silicone Protective Case x 1

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