10 Tips for Placing PCB Fabrication Orders
Here we collect 10 tips regarding of the most common problems while dealing with PCB Prototying orders. To make sure that you get the boards smoothly, you can have a look at the suggestions. 1.Please don't foget to generate the drill file and add it into your gerber file. 2.Please remember that the board outline must be included at least in one layer if there isn't GML/GKO/dim layer. 3.The minimum copper line width is 0.15mm for normal PCB service. 4.The minimum silkscreen width is 0.15mm and minimum height is 0.8mm. 5.The minimum panel size for V-cut is 8*8cm. 6.Please don't forget to leave a message on your order if you have some special requirements. 7.Please don't let the drill hole break the copper line. 8.Please choose a suitable layer for your PCB. 9.Trying to name the file name as our website suggestion. 10.Please choose a suitable board size or area for your PCB. Visit to see the FAQ For PCB Serivice. Elecrow provide four kinds of service,

PCB Prototyping

pcb fabrication

PCB Assembly

pcba assembly

Premium PCB

fpc multi-layer pcb Aluminum PCB

Laser Cutting

acrylic laser cutting

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