5 Most Popular Raspberry Pi Cluster Supercomputer Projects

One raspberry pi 3 board is enough to help you make a simple computer all by yourself(click here  learn how-to). So, what will happen if we connect several pi boards, that is a supercomputer. Here I collect 5 raspberry pi cluster projects as your reference to learn to make a raspberry pi cluster supercomputer.

raspberry pi cluster basic tutorial

1. Tinkernut  Project link  Video tutorial    I read the tutorial on Instructables written by gigafide and find it's very suitable for the raspberry pi beginner. He displayed 9 specific steps to teach you how to make a cheap supercomputer with $100. And his video also have a clear clarification to teach you finish the projects like hand-holding.

6 node raspberry pi cluster device

2. Jeff Geerling  Project link  Video tutorial Jeff can do well in lots of areas, such as website and apps construction, software develop, and other technologies. In this video, Jeff shows his talents in Raspberry Pi Projects. He split the tutorial video into four parts. He made a 6 node raspberry pi cluster with acrylic boxes. By the way, I like the way it looks very much. Just join Jeff to learn to make the best use of your Raspberry Pi boards.

4 node Raspberry Pi Cluster

3. Rasim Muratovic  Project link  Video tutorial Rasim's is warmly welcomed in youtube, and he listed the components of the projects very carefully. There are lots of useful videos on his youtube channel. Just search and enjoy.

33 node raspberry pi cluster

4. Josh Kiepert  Project link  Video tutorial Josh make a 32 node rapsberry pi cluster, that is really really cool. And the views of his RPICluster video has more than 1M views and 1K comments.Wanna to build the similar device with you Pi boards, just look at what he do.

40 node Raspberry Pi Cluster

5. David Guill  Project link  Video tutorial Among the five rpi clusters, this one is the most complex and powerful. In the project page, he introduce the 40 node rpi supercomputer in details, such as why build it and specifications of the final system. Except the construction of the 40 node pi boards, the design of acrylic box is also extremely superb. You can't miss this one, I'm serious. Hope that you can learn something from these excellent RPI cluster projects. And I will be happy to hear that you complete one all by yourself. Follows share a popular hardware resource for you. Conscience recommendation Acrylic Bracket Kit for Pi Spark Supercomputer Cluster