Arduino Based Automatic Smart Plant Watering Kit

Arduino is an excellent microcontroller and the preferred solution for building smart home products. As a plant lover, this smart watering kit made with Arduino is the best gift for you.


Easiest Arduino Smart Plant Watering, which we've published on Instructables, is an Arduino-based Automatic Plant Watering Kit. The number of views and comments on this smart watering project has been quite high, so there is no doubt that it is a great sense of accomplishment and happiness to DIY excellent smart watering kits for plants.




Just like people, plants in your office or home need nutritious soil, suitable temperature, plenty of sunlight and moisture to grow healthily. Elecrow's Arduino Automatic Smart Plant Watering Kit can automatically water plants by detecting the soil moisture value, helping you become a green thumb.


Elecrow Arduino Automatic Smart Plant Watering Kit is an all-in-one solution that includes everything you need to build an Automatic Plant Watering system. In the box you will find the following parts:



  • Crowtail- Smart Pump Shield v2.0 x 1

  • Crowtail- Capacitive Moisture Sensor x 4

  • 5m 4x6mm Water Pipe x 1

  • DC 12V Adapter x 1

  • DC 12V Four-Way Valve x 1

  • Water Pump x 1

  • 1m 4 Pin Crowtail Cable x 4

  • Five-Way Pipe x 1

  • USB Cable x 1



Installation step description:


Elecrow Arduino Automatic Smart Plant Watering Kit is based on the Arduino Lenardo integrated into the motherboard. Added an RTC to set timed watering and a 0.96 inch OLED to display the time and soil moisture status. The kit includes a pump and capacitive soil moisture sensor, which can water 4 pots of plants at once. Compared with the resistive humidity sensor, the soil moisture sensors are made of corrosion-resistant materials and have a long service life.


Elecrow Arduino Automatic Smart Plant Watering Kit



  • Eliminates the need for messy jumpers and breadboards, connect all sensors and modules with ease!

  • Integrated Arduino UNO into the main board, program it easily.

  • Power the board with single 12V power supply directly.

  • 4 interfaces for sensors, one interface for water switch and one interface for motor or pump.



Finally, I’ll tell you the good news that Elecrow Arduino Automatic Smart Plant Watering Kit is on sale on the website. In order to return customers who love plants at the end of the year, we have given a great discount. Come on!




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