We Are Professional in Making Keyboard PCBAs

With the increasing popularity of computers, iPad, and display products, the demand for keyboards is rising.There are more and more different types and functions of keyboards, like as mini version, mechanical keyboard, Backlit keyboard etc.


As the growing needs of  customers, our company getting many keyboard orders in past two years, the qty vary from 5pcs to 10K pcs. We have got rich production experience from samples to mass production orders.



At the same time, to support our increasing demand, our company has taken three major and important actions:



Our purchasing team  negotiates with secondary agents based on our annual IC consumption, we  get the priority supply when the material are available. By this point, then we no need to worry about material supply, especially in the case of severe shortage of material, it is particularly important to ensure the supply of materials.



We have a complete testing process include IQC incoming inspection, Reflow soldering inspection, AOI testing,Visual inspection, Function testing and X-Ray inspection. After 6 levels of quality control, the pass-through rate reaches 99.9%, and the defect rate is controlled within 0.1%. Good quality is the life of product.


Lead time:

Sample order about 2 weeks, MP order about 3-5 weeks. And we also can ship in partial as customer requirement.



We are professional keyboard manufacturer,looking forward to our cooperation, hope you can enjoy our best services. Believe that we can help you expand your keyboard business.

Do you want to make bigger keyboard “cake”? Come on, contact us now. If you have any requirements, please send an email to our Service@elecrow.com.