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Awarding Ceremony: Elecrow's Best Partner Sellers of 2023


The year 2023 marked the inception of the Elecrow Partner Seller Program, and its success is a testament to the continuous support and trust from makers worldwide. Today, we take immense pride in spotlighting the exceptional achievements of two partner sellers who have earned the distinguished title of Elecrow's Best Partner Sellers of the Year: Radu Grecu and Kevin Santo Cappuccio. Their remarkable journeys not only showcase terrific sales performance but also reflect their dedication, creativity, and commitment to excellence in the partnership with Elecrow.

elecrow best partner seller

BEST Partner Sellers of 2023

Radu Grecu: A Journey of Dedication and Collaboration

Radu is the visionary designer behind ZigStar UZG01—a remarkable remake of the popular ZigStar LAN Gateway. Powered by the robust CC2652P7 TI chip, ZigStar stands out as the most potent (+20dB) ZigBee Coordinator/Router, suitable for diverse Smart Home installations, including Zigbee2MQTT, Home Assistant (ZHA), ioBroker, and more.

zigstar gateway

Recognized as Elecrow’s Partner Seller of the Year 2023, Radu Grecu shares his thoughts on this significant accomplishment. For Radu, the recognition goes beyond sales figures. It signifies the hard work, dedication, and commitment to excellence that he and his team have invested in their projects and the partnership with Elecrow. "It's a testament to the collaborative efforts, innovative strategies, and customer-centric approach that we've consistently applied throughout our partnership," says Radu.

Radu sheds light on the motivation behind joining the Elecrow Partner Seller Program. He became acquainted with the Elecrow Partner Seller Program through research and networking within the industry, and was initially drawn to Elecrow due to our reputation for providing high-quality electronic components and our commitment to innovation in the technology sector. Radu reflects, “As I learned more about their Partner Seller Program, I recognized the potential for a mutually beneficial collaboration."

As ZigStar is approved to be successful by the market, recalling the creative process behind it, Radu emphasizes the evolution of ZigStar based on practical needs. "My original design came from the need to have a network-attached Zigbee Coordinator in a remote location over Ethernet, but at the same time to be open-source and easy to reproduce by anybody."

Looking ahead, Radu shares his plans for selling another device through Elecrow, currently in the design stage. “Personally, I like everything about the program. I think anything can be done if you discuss it," expresses Radu, underscoring his deep appreciation for our program.


Kevin Santo Cappuccio: Engineering Innovation with Elecrow

Kevin Santo Cappuccio, acclaimed as Elecrows Best Partner Seller of the Year 2023, is the innovative mind behind Jumpless—a groundbreaking breadboard that establishes tangible hardware connections between any points on the board or the Arduino Nano header at the top through software commands, eliminating the need for jumper wires. This is achieved through a network of analog crosspoint switches intricately wired together into a unified, larger switch.

jumpless board

Kevin's journey with Elecrow started with the final assembly of the Jumperless. "What drew me to Elecrow is that I happened to have one of your ESP32 3.5” TFT display modules in my drawer, so I just happened to have a physical sample of your work. And the quality was amazing, everything fit together perfectly and the parts were nice and well-aligned, so I knew I could trust you with assembly,” Kevin enthusiastically recounts.

After the sales manager at Elecrow introduced the Partner Seller Program to him, Kevin found it to be "a no-brainer," saving him a significant amount of energy. "Thanks for taking on this project and offering the partner seller program, allowing me to focus my time on engineering rather than spending the entire day packing and shipping orders," Kevin expresses his gratitude.

The conception of Jumpless occurred to Kevin four years ago, but the transition from idea to reality proved to be an intricately complex process. Kevin highlights the unique features of his products, stating, "The key highlights are, first, the fact that it actually works, and many have tried and given up on it. It's an entirely new thing that didn't exist."

Looking to the future, Kevin plans to produce the next generations of Jumpless, adding the ability to stick multiple boards together to act as a single larger board, spinning up a custom ASIC to get the switching behavior closer to an ideal 0 ohms and reducing the number of chips needed to make these.

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About Elecrow Partner Seller Program

The Elecrow Partner Seller Program is designed to empower individuals and startups to manufacture and sell their products through Elecrow. Whether you are a college student, individual electronics maker, DIY electronics hobbyist, hacker, tech enthusiast, part of a business group, startup, or even a tech novice, joining Elecrow as a partner seller allows you to monetize your creative tech projects.

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Final Words

Elecrow extends heartfelt congratulations to all our partner sellers for their outstanding achievements. Their successful stories embody Elecrow's commitment to fostering partnerships, innovation, and excellence within the electronic community. As we celebrate the existing accomplishments, we eagerly anticipate the future collaborations and advancements that will continue to shape the landscape of electronic innovation.

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