Full Home Automation System with Azure and Voice Assistance

We all know how Home Automation has been integrated into our day to day lives - from controlling window panes to making a secure house free from theft. I plan on going even a step forward by integrating simple sensors that I have lying around in my house and make a secure system that not only detects any activity inside the house but also informs the person of impending fire hazards and thefts. All of this will be sensed via the Raspberry Pi 2 and and sent to the user via a mobile app implementing Microsoft Azure services. Click to Know More

Build Your Own Sparkling CheerLights LED Display

Sparkling LED lights are pretty to look at and make fun displays for holidays or special occasions.  CheerLights that are controlled by tweets and that change color in synchronization with all the other CheerLights around the world add an element of interest and community that sets them apart from regular LED lights. This article explains how you can build your own sparkling Cheerlights display using a Particle Photon Wi-Fi microcontroller and LED strips that read the current CheerLights color from ThingSpeak. Click to Know More

Smart Greenhouse : The future of agriculture

  Smart Greenhouse is a self regulating, micro-climate controlled environment for optimal plant growth. Climatic conditions inside the greenhouse, such as, temperature, humidity, luminosity, soil moisture are continuously monitored. Small variations in these climatic conditions trigger automated actions. The automated actions evaluate change and take corrective action thus maintaining optimal conditions for plant growth. Click to Know More

IoT in the Smart Factory

IoT technology helps manufacturers make better use of data, leading to smarter and timelier business decisions. They gain real-time visibility into personnel, equipment, transactions, and the supply chain, which is turned into actionable insights that improve operational efficiency and optimize production. That translates into real business value in many areas, such as: •       Factory automation – broaden reach and capabilities of closed-loop systems, enabling more sophisticated and precise machines (e.g., robotics) and operations. •       Manufacturing flexibility – facilitate production flow changes through improved coordination between the factory equipment and stakeholders. •       Factory digitalization – streamline the convergence of information and operational technology systems to increase production efficiency and bring products to market faster. •       Big data – gain useful insights through immersive analytics on factory data, enabling higher throughput and lower operations costs. •       Mobility and wireless – improve the responsiveness of operations and maintenance personnel by allowing them to monitor and control equipment remotely. Click to Know More

3 Ways the Internet of Things Is Improving Healthcare

The healthcare landscape is changing drastically and many organizations are seeking ways to make improvements amidst the evolution. To reach this new level of efficiency, accuracy and patient safety, organizations need real-time visibility and intelligence into their data such as patient records, specimens, medications, supply inventories, etc. Solutions like electronic health records (EHRs) and radio frequency identification (RFID) tags have allowed healthcare staff to leverage data from patient wristbands to diagnostic test results—enhancing efficiency and accuracy. However, the actionable insight into operations and processes is what provides organizations that next level intelligence. This actionable insight is gained through a set of enabling technologies in the areas of asset management, cloud, mobile and Big Data. From clinicians that need to identify patients, collect specimens, administer medication and monitor vital signs to pharmacists that need an accurate inventory count, with the Internet of Things, healthcare organizations can benefit from next level Intelligence. Click to Know More  

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