Elecrow's Exhibition at Maker Faire Shenzhen 2023

Elecrow's Exhibition at Maker Faire Shenzhen 2023


Elecrow is excited to announce our participation at Maker Faire Shenzhen 2023, where we will be showcasing our innovative creations at Booth No. B23 from November 11 to 12, located at the Vanke Design Commune in Nanshan, Shenzhen.  The Elecrow STEM educational kits, including the CrowPi Series, Crowbits, and CrowBot, along with our open-source hardware such as CrowVision, LoRaWAN dev board, and ESP32 display series, will be featured at the Faire.

Get ready to embark on a journey into the realms of innovation, creativity, and cutting-edge technology, as Maker Faire Shenzhen draws near. We are excited to present our Crow badges, PCB rulers, and NFC cards, providing our valued customers with an exceptional and immersive experience at the Faire.

Elecrow’s Featured Products on Display at the Faire

STEM Educational Kits

CrowPi Series 

CrowPi earns high praise from MakeUseOf, “Don't Buy a Raspberry Pi Until You've Seen The CrowPi All in One Kit”. Within the CrowPi Series, you'll find CrowPi, CrowPi 2, and CrowPi L. As three generations of the Raspberry Pi learning platform, the CrowPi Series is designed to guide you from coding novice to expert. Each of these models comes with instructive lessons based on fundamental programming languages like Scratch and Python. All three will be showcased at the Faire, so don't miss them!

STEM learning kits - crowpi series


As a LEGO-compatible STEM learning kit, Crowbits are magnetic, programmable electronic blocks that assist children and beginners in learning about coding and electronics. With over 80 modules available, kids can enhance their logical and programming skills, transforming their ideas into reality with boundless creativity. Offering five distinct kits – the Hello Kit, Explorer Kit, Inventor Kit, Creator Kit, and Master Kit – Crowbits empower children to effortlessly acquire programming skills while also providing teachers the flexibility to integrate programming into their curriculum.

STEM educational kits - crowbits


CrowBot BOLT is an open-source, smart programming car powered by an ESP32 chip. It's equipped with a wide array of sensors, including light, ultrasonic, and line tracking sensors. It also features Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities and is compatible with various programming environments like Letscode, MicroPython, and Arduino. CrowBot can swiftly perform functions such as light tracking, line tracking, obstacle avoidance, remote control, and even light shows.

Be present at the Maker Faire to interact with CrowBot and explore its capabilities!

STEM learning kits - CrowBot

Open Source Hardware


CrowVision is a touchscreen module featuring a 1366x768 in-plane switching (IPS) panel with a 178° viewing angle. Thanks to our unique, slidable rear-side spacers, CrowVision is compatible with most single-board computers, including the Raspberry Pi series, Banana Pi, BeagleBone, NVIDIA Jetson Nano, LattePanda, and Rock Pi.

CrowVision is unquestionably the touchscreen module that every electronics enthusiast should not miss. It's available in two sizes, 7-inch and 11.6-inch, providing you with the flexibility to choose the one that suits your needs.

crowvision-touchscreen module


LoRa technology and LoRa devices have found extensive applications in the Internet of Things (IoT) landscape. To facilitate the learning and progress of beginners in the realm of LoRa technology, we have crafted a dedicated LoRa development board. This board is centered around the RP2040 as its primary controller and is equipped with the RA-08H module, which supports both LoRa and LoRaWAN protocols, enabling users to embark on development journeys with ease.

LoRa Dev Board

ESP32 Display

The ESP32 Display module is suitable for a wide range of applications, including automotive HMI, medical equipment, industrial control, civil electronics, automation, GPS, new energy, and IoT devices. Join us at the Faire to explore the versatility and capabilities of the ESP32 Display module.

ESP32 Display

Partner Seller Program

In addition to the featured products mentioned earlier, Elecrow offers a Partner Seller Program, where we empower creative minds to bring their innovative ideas to life and sell them on our official website. As long as you have innovative tech projects, you can join Elecrow as a partner seller!

At the Faire, we'll be showcasing some of our partner sellers' products, sharing the inspiring stories behind these inventive creations with you. Come and discover how the great ideas of fellow makers have come to life!

elecrow partner seller program

See You at Maker Faire Shenzhen

We're thrilled to invite you to join us for an unforgettable experience! Get ready to be inspired and engaged, as we explore the intersection of technology, art, and DIY culture. Come and join us to see what makes Maker Faire Shenzhen an electronic event like no other, and discover how Elecrow is contributing to this electrifying experience.

About Elecrow

Founded in 2014, Elecrow has risen to prominence as a leading provider of open-source hardware and electronic components. With a wide range of offerings, the company serves a global clientele, delivering outstanding products and services. Committed to the philosophy of 'Make Your Making Easier,' Elecrow is dedicated to innovation, superior quality, and competitive pricing. This commitment has established them as a reputable and dependable partner for makers, technology enthusiasts, and industry experts worldwide.

About Maker Faire Shenzhen

Maker Faire Shenzhen stands as an annual flagship event that unites both domestic and international maker communities. Since its inception in 2012, it has become a pivotal gathering, forging connections between Shenzhen's thriving local hardware ecosystem and the global tech community. This remarkable event has welcomed visitors from nearly 100 countries and regions, making it a transcultural festival with active participation from the international innovation community.