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Elecrow Partner Seller’s Crowdfunding Begins - GlowStitch LEDs Illuminate the Future of Wearable Tech


Shenzhen, China /PRNewswire/ - GlowStitch LEDs, the revolutionary LED strip lights that are not only easy to use but also machine-sewable, have launched its crowdfunding campaign on Crowd Supply. Designed by Steph Piper, these LEDs are crafted from flexible circuit boards, offering a machine-sewable solution for a multitude of applications without the need for coding and soldering.


Machine Sewable LEDs: GlowStitch LEDs eliminate the laborious process of hand-sewing LEDs onto clothing or soft circuits. As GlowStitch is compatible with sewing machines, You can prototype your designs with conductive fabric tape and then finalize your projects much more easily.


User-Friendly Instructions: The GlowStitch kit includes a comprehensive 20-page instruction booklet tailored for users of all skill levels. With step-by-step guidance, troubleshooting tips, and vivid diagrams, everyone as well as electronic novices will experience a more enjoyable making process.


Versatile Applications: GlowStitch LEDs are highly versatile, catering to various applications such as wearable technology, crafting, paper circuits, art projects, cosplay, teaching, and kids' crafts. For instance, the Rainbow Fish Pencil Case Inspired by the Rainbow Fish children’s book, and the Rocket Ship Painting transform your artwork into a stunning light display by painting over a GlowStitch LED circuit.


Steph Piper, the creative force behind GlowStitch LEDs, is deeply committed to advancing wearable tech. Steph’s iterative design process for GlowStitch LEDs has spanned several years. date back to 2020, Steph embarked on her journey to create a product simplifying the integration of LEDs into diverse projects. Finally, comes the machine-sewable LED solution that transcends the limitations of traditional methods. Making GlowStitch LEDs open source underscores Steph’s desire to contribute to the growth of the wearable tech field. With certification from the Open Source Hardware Association, GlowStitch LEDs ensure transparency, inviting and encouraging others to design their modules and actively contribute to the overall wearable tech ecosystem.


In 2023, Steph became a partner seller with Elecrow, producing GlowStitch LEDs at Elecrow, a renowned provider of open-source hardware and electronic components in Shenzhen, China. Elecrow's commitment to innovation, superior quality, and dedicated service has established Elecrow as a reputable collaborator for makers and industry experts worldwide, ensuring GlowStitch LEDs meet rigorous standards.


GlowStitch LEDs are currently crowdfunding on Crowd Supply, providing backers with an opportunity to be part of the promoter of wearable technology innovation. The GlowStitch Maker Kit, a comprehensive package for enthusiasts, includes essential components to kickstart your creative journey. It comprises a sheet of 10 white LED strips, a sheet of 10 color cycling LED strips, a coin cell battery holder, an AAA battery holder, 10 meters of conductive fabric tape, and a detailed glossy instruction manual.


For those with specific preferences, you can choose to support GlowStitch Color Cycling LEDs, GlowStitch White LEDs, or GlowStitch Battery Holders independently. The crowdfunding prices for them range from $12 to $45, allowing backers to tailor their support to their particular interests and needs.


For more information, visit the GlowStitch crowdfunding campaign on Crowd Supply.


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