Elecrow Special promotion for mechanical keyboard

As we all know mechanical keyboards are all the rage. It’s easy to see why. There is the pleasure of being able to really strike the keys, the clicky sounds, and the customization options. Elecrow is launching a high-quality, convenient online service event for mechanical keyboards. If you are looking for a service, there is always one available.


Elecrow Mechanical Keyboard Special Promotion 2022

During Nov.17 - Dec.17 2022, there are 3 types of promotions about Mechanical keyboards on Elecrow


1. PCBA for mechanical keyboard

PCBA for mechanical keyboard

Quantity ≤50 pcs: No Assembly Cost

Quantity >50 pcs: 50% discount of the Assembly Cost


2. 3D printing services for mechanical keyboards

3D printing services for mechanical keyboards

Material: Photosensitive resin (domestic 9400)

Weight ≤ 10g & Quantity ≤ 5 pcs: Order price =$1

Weight >10g or Quantity>5 pcs: 50% discount of the order price


3. Laser cutting services for mechanical keyboards

Laser cutting services for mechanical keyboards

Material: Transparent Acrylic laser cutting

Quantity ≤10 pcs & Size ≤15*15 & Thickness within 2~3mm: Order price =$1

Quantity >10 pcs & Size >15*15 & Thickness >3mm: 50% discount of the order price


Place an order now to get a discount

If you have a mechanical keyboard order, what are you waiting for, just place it within this month and get cheap mechanical keyboard service.

If your friends have related needs, invite them to join, and you can all get rewards.


You can learn more about this activity

1. Share cashback

When sharing the PCBA production video we provided on his/her own social platform or maker community, you can enjoy a coupon of $50 for any PCBA order after sending the sharing link to our project manager for confirmation.


2. Register an account

If you are a new customer on Elecrow’s website, you will get 500 points (5$) after registering an account.


3. Referral program

If you like our service, then recommend other friends to join Elecrow:

After they registered a new account and finished their first order,You will get 1000 points 10$. Besides, you will get additional feedback points of 10% of their first order amount. The recommended person will get 500 registration points and the first purchase points.

*The maximum amount of credit deduction shall not exceed 40% of the total value of shopping cart amount;

* Points cannot be used to deduct shipping charges.


4. Apply for sponsorship

Want to make your own Mechanical Keyboard for Free? We know clearly that there are still countless guys who are worrying about how to start their own projects and countless good ideas are buried in hard realistic conditions, so supporting projects with great creativity has always been one of our long-term strategies.

We can offer free services such as PCB Assembly & 3D Printing & Acrylic Laser cutting to help you get closer to your dreams.

Makers can apply for Elecrow sponsorship for their mechanical keyboard-related projects, and they need to publish their projects on social media and maker communities for promotion.