After a long time of communicating with our PCB factory, Elecrow will upgrade the PCB service in following aspects:

1.  Free charge for Hals lead free. For Prototyping PCBs, not only the solder mask color is free, the Hals Lead Free pad finish will be also free of charge!

2.  No products number on PCB any more. As a lot of customers told us that they don't want the products number on the PCB. Elecrow will not print this number on the PCBs any more except the green PCBs. For green PCBs, we will also fabricate them without this number after we get enough feedback about the PCB quality. So, your feedback about the quality means a lot for us.

3.  PCB panelize for same sub-boards is available all the time. But a lot of customers are very confused with it. The following picture is a panelize example for your reference.

  A.  The V-cut line should be same as the outline of the Sub-PCB. That is to say, it is zero space between the sub-boards.

  B.  The V-cut line should through the whole panel, or the factory can't add V-groove on the PCB, because the milling cutter may destroy the sub-PCBs on the V-cut line.

  C.  The PCB panel needs to be larger than 8*8cm.

    If you purchase 10pcs 5*10 panel and panelized 4 copies in it, The PCB engineer will panelize 8 copies in the panel and give 5pcs PCB panel to you and the total PCBs will meet what you ordered.

  D.  We don't accept different sub-PCBs panelize now. Because it needs $16 extra fees for one more extra sub-PCB that is higher than the cost to order the PCB separately.  Different PCBs panelize is acceptable when the sub-PCBs is separated with silk screen. To avoid to some possible delay, A strip of holes, Long slot and V-groove to separate the sub-boards are not acceptable.

  E.  For small batch of PCB fabrication. If the PCB dimension is less than 5*5cm, The PCB factory will panelize the PCB boards to larger than 8*8cm, it is more easy for E-testing and assembling. If you need to single PCB, please leave a comment when placing the PCB order online.

    If there are any PCB fabrication questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact with