Elecrow Partner Seller program


Designing and creating a DIY project is so appealing and fulfilling. Seeing your DIY projects produced in batches and sold online is even more appealing.

Do you always have great DIY engineering ideas in your head that you want to make money from, but worry that they will never come to fruition because there are no professional teams to help you produce them?

Do you have finished products that you have designed yourself, but are afraid that there is no traffic and no great marketing channels for you to sell your products?

Don't worry, Elecrow can help you bring your ideas to life and sell them online to reap the rewards!

You focus on the design, Elecrow does the rest!


What is Elecrow Partner Seller Program?

 Elecrow Partner Seller Program

The Partner Seller Program is for anyone (whether you are a tech geek, engineer, maker, beginner) who has great DIY electronics ideas to join the Elecrow platform to turn their ideas into real products and sell them here. Joining Elecrow as a Partner Seller can help you turn your tech ideas into reality, sell your products here and reap the benefits!


Why join us?

 Why Join US?

More Benefits

Lower cost to sell here, Elecrow charges no platform fee and no monthly fee from Partner Sellers. Just pay 5% of your total revenue to Elecrow to Maximise your profits!


Holistic Manufacturing Service

As a Partner Seller you can enjoy Elecrow’s special discounts on manufacturing orders.

Elecrow will provide partner sellers with PCB manufacturing service, parts sourcing service, PCB assembly service, flashing &programming service, conformal coating service, sub-assembly & kitting service, mechanical service, product certification, and 3D printing service.

Elecrow offers warehousing services to save money and time for Partner Sellers. No worries about handling stock issues.


Global Logistics

Fulfilled by Elecrow, which provides international logistics services for Partner Sellers’ orders, to extend your business spectrum to each corner of the world.


Easy to Use

Fewer steps to selling on Elecrow, an easy-to-use system provided by Elecrow helps Partner Sellers to process orders and payments with transparent stock and financial status.


More Supports 

Elecrow provides One-to-One VIP Service for every Partner Seller, photography, official promotions such as newsletters & product features are all provided.



Who can join?

Who can Join Elecrow Partner Seller Program?

Elecrow has never set limits on who can qualify to be a seller partner, Anyone who can make DIY electronics and great maker programs, whether college students,  individual electronics makers, DIY electronics hobbyists,  hackers, tech geeks, business groups, startups, or even tech novices, as long as you have the enthusiasm to create creative tech projects, you can join Elecrow as a Partner Seller!


How to Join?




It's that simple!

Send your project to Elecrow for a quotation.

You accept the quotation and place your order here-

Elecrow produces and warehouses your products-

Create an Elecrow account & Apply for partnership-

Upload your products& Sell your products On Elecrow-

Elecrow handles orders and logistics-

Receive Payments from Buyers-

Payout to Partner Seller


If you have more questions about the Elecrow Partner Seller Program, please find answers in Elecrows FAQ section here.

If you want to become an Elecrow Partner Seller, please contact service@elecrow.com for more information.

Sell on Elecrow, and Start your business!

Read more about the Elecrow Partner Seller Policy Here.



What to sell on Elecrow?


Elecrow never sets limits on what you can sell. Anything of value related to electronics projects can be placed on the shelf here. You can sell all kinds of DIY electronics, IOT&Smart home electronics projects, display devices, 3D printing products, your own designed robots, electronics kits, etc.

As long as you have ideas, Elecrow can be the marketplace for any electronic product content you want to sell.


About Elecrow

Elecrow is an open-source hardware company headquartered in Shenzhen, China, which has strongly adhered to the principle of "Make your making easier" with the purpose of "Bring your DIY Electronics Ideas To Life" since 2014. Focusing on providing the one-stop OEM/ODM solution for makers, Elecrow offers services including production, assembly, electronic component supply, and component procurement, and can be the crucial trading platform for makers to sell their products.


More Promotions and Activities

In order to bring more bonuses and benefits to our customers and to express our sincere gratitude to both new and old customers, Elecrow has launched even more special promotions on mechanical keyboards.

Whether you are a DIY electronics enthusiast who is keenly focused on making your own creative mechanical programs, a mechanical keyboard manufacturer who wants to place batch orders online for the best prices, an Elecrow user who wants to get more reward points to get better prices and your purchase cost deducted on Elecrow website, or even a non-Elecrow user who wants to join the lottery pool to get some free gifts, Elecrow welcomes you to join our Spring Season Special Promotion for Mechanical Keyboards, It's for fun and full of great bonus Elecrow prepares for you!

See Elecrow's special offer for mechanical keyboard promotions here.